How Does Homeopathy Work?

How Does Homeopathy Work?

How does it work?
True homeopathic medicine has a very specific and unique action on the body. Homeopathy manipulates the body’s own vital force (or immune system) and stimulates it to restore itself to a healthy and balanced state. The word “Homeopathic” comes from the Greek, through Latin into English, and literally means “like disease”.  This means that the medicine given is “like” or “similar” to the disease that the person is expressing.

Give Me An Example!
For Example: What if someone had a red itchy rash with little red bumps. Furthermore, lets say that the only time that rash feels better is when the person takes a scolding hot shower. A homeopath would take those symptoms and try to find a substance in nature that causes similar symptoms. Does anything come to mind? … Poison ivy causes very similar symptoms to the ones just described. So a homeopath would prescribe homeopathically prepared poison ivy to cure the rash and the symptoms associated with it.

Another Example: Someone has insomnia. They stay awake all night with racing thoughts; big ideas and plans of how to get things done… A homeopath might prescribe a homeopathic remedy made from… you guessed it… Coffee!

But That Doesn’t Make Any Sense!
It may not make sense at first, but we have to look deeper into how it works before making that judgement. The homeopathic remedy tricks the bodies own immune system into healing itself. It does this by creating a fake disease with similar symptoms. The remedy creates new symptoms similar to the symptoms the sick person already has. The immune system then detects the new fake symptoms and realizes that those symptoms are bad and tries to fix them. However because those new symptoms are so similar to the original symptoms the body will end up healing both in the process. The net result is that all the symptoms are gone and the person has improved to a healthier state.

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