Symptoms: Tip Of The Iceberg

Symptoms: Tip Of The Iceberg

Did you know that symptoms are the "tip of the iceberg"? What exactly lurks underneath chronic disease and flare-ups? How can we clear out the depths of illness in order to heal?

The comprehensive Heilkunst system of homeopathic medicine addresses the often mysterious underlying causes and roots of symptoms and disease. In that way, any type of illness is treatable with homeopathy. Pathic remedies are prescribed to relieve pathology (e.g., skin rash, migraines, depression, fibromyalgia, etc) while at the same time the patient is given tonic remedies to target any deep negative influences.

Here are two examples to show how symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg:

A mother told me that her son had a large wart on his hand. He was very self-conscious and was being teased at school. After the consultation, I prescribed a remedy to address the cause of why the wart had popped out on the boy's skin. In this case the invisible root of the physical manifestation was an inherited chronic miasm(virus). Another remedy assisted his body in releasing the pathology, the wart. After three months of taking both remedies daily, the wart darkened, then shriveled up and fell off.

Elvis, a young Arabian black stallion, witnessed another horse get injured and pass away; the two had been best friends. A few months after the shock, Elvis' owner noticed that the hair around both of his eyes had turned white. "He looks like a raccoon, also as if he's wearing white mascara, but we don't know what's wrong," she said. The stallion had suffered a great loss and his body was physically manifesting signs of grief disease. The white hair was indeed the tip of the iceberg. It was crucial to treat the underlying grief trauma so that Elvis could heal, which he did during Heilkunst treatment. All the white hairs fell out, replaced by new black hairs. Amazing!

Once symptoms lose their power source, they melt away; then a better state of health can return.