What is Homeopathy & How is it Different?

What is Homeopathy & How is it Different?

What is Classical Homeopathy?
Classical Homeopathic Medicine is a complete system of medicine developed by the German doctor and chemist Samuel Hahnemman in the late 1700’s. He developed homeopathy as a better and more humane alternative to the barbaric and ineffective medical treatments of the time. Today homeopathy is still used as a safer and gentler alternative to conventional medical treatments.

Homeopathy involves a natural and holistic approach to treating disease. Homeopathy is “natural” because the remedies used are produced from naturally occurring sources. These sources are typically plant, mineral, or animal in nature. Homeopathy is also “holistic” in the sense it looks at the whole person rather than focusing on a diseased part, a diagnosis, or a named condition. Many people often confuse Homeopathic Medicine with other forms “Holistic” or “Naturopathic” medicine and even “home remedies” thinking that they are all the same thing. They are however, very different.

How is homeopathy different?
The analogy that I like to use is that of building a house. To build a house you need:

1) raw materials

2) blueprints & 

3) manual labor.

Our body is our house. Moreover, our vital force (a.k.a. our immune system) will provide the manual labor needed to do the work of building our house.

Sometimes our bodies are deficient in minerals, nutrients and general resources. Our diet may not be optimal. Maybe we have food allergies that we don’t know about. All those issues fall under the category of building blocks and raw materials. Naturopathic Medicine can provide those building blocks necessary for healing. Naturopathic supplements can provide the raw materials, vitamins, minerals, etc… while at the same time aiming to reduce toxins and other obstacles to good health.

What happens though, when the body has those building blocks but doesn’t know where they go or how to arrange them? Many times the body already has the building blocks it needs to achieve a state of health. Even so, it is still out of balance because it doesn’t know what to do with them. Homeopathic medicine provides the blue prints for telling the body how to heal itself. It provides the instructions. It isn’t tangible. It’s not actually part of the structure or function of the house. Blueprints are not technically even part of the house, but it’s practically impossible to build a house correctly without them. Homeopathic remedies are that energetic stimulus. They are the instructions, or blueprints for the healthy house that we want to live in!

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