Pour out those beverages that are rotting your teeth, making you sick, and that may have you addicted and start drinking delicious, healthy brews. People consume too many lousy drinks that contain too much sugar, too much caffeine or are alcoholic. Let’s get back on the path of wellness one sip at a time. 

One of the unhealthiest beverages people consume is soft drinks or soda or depending on where you live -- pop.  Soda-pop is a significant source of refined sugar in our diets. If they aren’t loaded with the sticky substance or high fructose corn syrup, they contain artificial sweeteners, which can be just as bad, if not worse. More studies are continually proving that artificial sweeteners may actually promote weight gain. These synthetic ingredients are linked with other health problems such as increasing your risk of cancer.

Having a cup of coffee in the morning is generally not harmful to most people. The problem usually reveals itself when we consume too much coffee, caffeinated sodas or energy drinks. Caffeine doesn’t give you energy it stimulates your body to burn up its energy reserves. The more you are addicted, the more you will need, and ultimately, caffeine will leave you more tired and depleted over time. If you get a headache at some point after not having the stimulant, this may take 24-hours or more or don’t feel well; you’re definitely addicted. If you find you are having trouble sleeping or suffering low-grade nagging headaches, try eliminating caffeine, and I believe you will be in for a pleasant surprise of how well you’ll feel. If you have high blood pressure, it’s best to pass on the drink. 

If you believe energy drinks give you wings, well, you may feel as if you can fly, because these type of beverages often contain as much caffeine as a six-pack of soda. Plus, many contain refined sugar or artificial sweeteners that are detrimental to your wellbeing. And they should never be in the hands of children or teenagers. 

Studies often show that alcohol can promote health, but a caveat to this is the fact many people are social drinkers, and it’s the companionship that is health enhancing. Alcohol is, a pure, refined carbohydrate, and this alone doesn’t make the cocktail healthy. Too much liquor can damage the liver and brain, and more often than not, destroys personal relationships. Alcohol acts as a diuretic and is dehydrating. My motto always when I drink is the ratio of 2:1, two glasses of water to every one glass of alcohol. 

You got to be honest with yourself if you think your teas, sports drinks, or fruit juices are a better choice for you. Take a long look at the ingredient list, and if there are words you cannot pronounce or any added sugar, its best to leave it on the shelf. These simple sugars are masters at spiking your blood sugar levels.

It’s never too late to start drinking more water. Your body will thank you with better health. Americans are chronically dehydrated, and your body is telling you with such things as pain, illness, and dry skin. Water is an excellent antidote for chronic pain. A person needs a one-half ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. 

If the thought of drinking more water makes you cringe, here a couple of things to fool you into sipping more aqua. Naturally, adding lemon or lime may be enough to put you on the path of becoming a water drinker. A splash of Thai-go will add flavor while building your immune system and giving you energy. One of my favorites is the minty taste of chlorophyll. This dark green liquid supports your digestive tract and detoxifies your body while adding incredible flavor to your water. To cut back on coffee, look for some herbal coffees. They are made from roasted grains such as barley, malt, chicory, and rye. An easy way wean yourself off coffee is to gradually blend it with the herbal replacement, until the transition is complete. 

Let’s toast to good health, cheers!