Does Hypnosis really work? Yes and No!

Does Hypnosis really work? Yes and No!

People ask if hypnosis really works and the answer is yes, definitely and no definitely.
So why the double answer?
In a roundabout way, have you heard in school or somewhere else that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time? Well, they can, but! But things aren’t really “things” more than they are frequencies or vibrations. We are surrounded by thousands of things occupying the same space at the same time. Some things that occupy the same space and time: Light waves, sound waves, radio and TV waves, and many more you can think of now.

Let’s agree that “things” are manifestations of different frequencies or waves. You might call them vibrations. Now, think of a fan that isn’t running. It is pretty easy to put your finger through the stationary blade. You could say they have a null frequency or vibration. Now if the fan were turned on and you tried to put your hand through the blades, you probably couldn’t do it. The running fan would be more “solid,” and we might say it has a vibration of 100.

How does this apply to hypnosis? Well, if you slow your mind down to where it is more open, you can focus on the precise mechanism or tool to create what you want. Of course, you can never slow your thoughts to a null state, but you can come close enough to focus on that one thing that will make a difference.

Now let’s look at the spinning fan again, and we notice it wobbles. If we slow the spinning down enough, we can see that one blade is out of alignment. By working on that alignment, we can correct the wobble and get the fan doing what it is supposed to do.

If we slow our thinking down so we can poke our finger through the steady stream of thoughts, we can focus on what we need to change in our bodies and minds then we can perform perfectly.
We need to focus and analyze what we need and then get it. If we want to lose weight, we need to focus on what is creating the blockage to losing weight. If we want to be more creative, then we need to focus on what we need to become more creative.

Everything comes down to frequencies, vibration, and focus. Hypnosis allows us to be in that state of mind to do what we need to do, heal what needs healing, and open channels that are blocked.

So, if a person focuses and pays attention, then hypnosis will provide that ability, but if a person, whether in a hypnotic state or not won’t allow the focus and attention needed, then hypnosis won’t work.

Hypnosis is simply the vehicle to get you to a destination. What you do when you are there is up to you.

PS. Did you know that research in the early 1900s PROVED select radio frequencies would kill cancer cells and leave healthy cells unharmed?