“ Can hypnosis help me with... ”

“ Can hypnosis help me with... ”

Here are some frequently asked questions...

The most frequent question I am asked is “can hypnosis help me with….”? My answer is almost always… “Yes!” Hypnosis can help anyone who has a compelling emotional desire to make a change in their life. Release fears and phobias, break habits, sleep better, increase concentration and confidence… the list goes on.

What hypnosis cannot do is to create a change that one does not want, or a change directed toward someone else (for example… can hypnosis make someone fall in love with me?). That answer is simply… No.

The next most popular inquiry I get is “how many sessions does it take?”. My answer is always… “that depends on you”. Your subconscious, once it accepts a suggestion to change, makes that change instantly and permanently, until it is directed otherwise. That kind of change can be made in one session, depending upon your willingness to participate in the process and your compelling emotional desire to see the change in your life.

Why stay stuck?  If you are curious as to if hypnosis can help with your own challenges, I encourage you to visit me. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about hypnosis and how it can possibly help you.

What are your thoughts on hypnosis? Have you ever tried it before?