Staying well this winter, even if you don’t have time

Staying well this winter, even if you don’t have time

It’s late-February and all the excitement about the new year and its many possibilities seems like the distant past.  Now I’m busy creating the things I’ve mapped out for the year.

It feels good to start making progress, but some days I’m letting busy-ness get in the way of how I’d like to take care of myself.  My lack of time or planning means I miss a workout class that’s on my calendar, or it’s dinner time and I realize I’m out of something and have to go to the store.

If you’re super-busy and short on time this winter, here’s a
list of ideas to support your health. 
Easily.  Pick a few that feel good
and build them into your schedule.  Be
the person who does not get run down, or avoids the colds getting passed around
your home or office this season.

Schedule time for
exercise you enjoy.  Regular movement
boosts your circulation, mood and immune system.  Can you put 3 workouts or classes a week in your
schedule?  Or take a brisk 15-minute walk
daily?  Or, use your phone.  Here are lists of top workout apps from Self and Men’s
Health magazines.

Hydrate, hydrate,
hydrate.  Start your day off right with
a big glass of water to rehydrate after sleep. 
You can add lemon or lime or enjoy warm water.  Do this before coffee or breakfast.  Staying hydrated helps your immune system and
kidneys clear out toxins.  Read how one
woman’s energy and health noticeably improved just from drinking more water in a one-month hydration

Keep your thoughts
healthy.  Do you worry about catching
colds or the flu?  Convinced that you are
someone who gets at least one cold a winter? 
Excessive worry, about anything, can create a stress response in the
body putting you into fight or flight mode so you can react to an imminent
danger.  When you are in fight or flight
you are not in rest and repair mode.  Your
nervous system is either in one state or the other at any one time.  The more time you are in a highly stressed
state, the less time your body is doing the healing and repair work that keeps
you well.  Switch off fight or flight with
deep breathing, exercise, bringing your mind into the present moment, meditation
and yoga.

Tune up your immune system with BodyTalk.  People are coming in for help with their colds this winter.  We’ve been able to address some very specific areas that needed attention using the BodyTalk system.  BodyTalk is a therapy that helps find the “why” – the root causes behind the symptoms – and ask the body to change.  In these sessions we’ve focused on:  improving lung function, getting the immune system to focus more on healing the cold, and boosting communication between the sinuses, throat, lungs and immune system so the body can function better.

What are your favorite ways to stay well in the winter?  Share them in the comments!