Benefits of Infant Massage for Family and Society
by JoAnn Lewis, LMT, CEIMT
Director of the Family Massage Education Center

Moms and Dads can help all the systems for their baby to grow strong and healthy with the
proper stimulation of infant massage. Dads who may miss out on daily care, can quickly gain a
lot of confidence with their babies and they both benefit from this closeness and care.
The list of benefits is amazing to relax you and baby for good communication:

 Promotes bonding and attachment.
 Promotes better connection,
communication, confidence and trust.
 Helps baby sleep better (and so,
parents sleep better!).
 Helps baby cry less.
 Helps you learn how to be more
responsive to babies’ cues.
 Builds understanding of baby’s needs
and desires.
 Gives a pleasurable experience of
 Gives “one on one” quality time with
 Builds parent’s and baby’s self-esteem
and respect.
 Facilitates body awareness.
 Improves blood circulation and muscle
 Improves skin condition.
 Improves myelin sheath coating of the
nerves and function.
 Stimulates food absorption, aiding
 Promotes hormonal balance and
production for calming and nurturing.
 Boosts immune system.
 Sensory stimulation.
 Stimulates brain development and
improves sensory awareness.

 Relieves discomfort from constipation,
gas, colic or respiratory problems.
 Balances respiration.
 Relief for teething pains.
 Helps waste elimination

One of the key elements of a strong society is healthy family bonding through
adequate nurturing touch of massage. Massage gives love, security, connection,
acceptance, peace, caring, happiness, interaction, empathy, unity, warmth, joy,
and improves all communication.
“Bonding is a unique relationship between two people. It is specific and endures
through time.” - Dr. Marshall Klaus, Neonatologist and supporter of Infant
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