Add the Turkish Get-Up to Your Workout and Reap the Benefits

Add the Turkish Get-Up to Your Workout and Reap the Benefits

The Turkish Get-Up. With a unique name and an ancient origin, it sounds mysterious and intriguing yet at the same time intimidating. So, what exactly is it?

The Turkish Get-Up is a holistic, comprehensive exercise that promotes strength, balance, stability, and mobility. Traditionally performed with a kettlebell, it is believed to have originated when wrestlers, in what is now modern-day Turkey, invented the exercise to train for competition centuries ago.

Steps of the Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-Up is a multi-step exercise, where you move from a fetal position on the floor to standing with a kettlebell raised above your head with one hand. The steps in between, however, make the critical difference on the depth and breadth of benefits received.


Begin in a fetal position on the floor, then roll to your back. Keep your kettlebell close to your body with both hands. (Tip: Start with smaller weights and work your way up steadily until you can achieve a heavy load.)
Extend your arm that holds the kettlebell (in this example, your right arm) and bring your right heel close to your butt.
Align your other limbs to a 45-degree angle compared to your spine.
Make sure you keep your wrist neutral throughout the movement.

Roll to your left elbow while driving through your right heel. Get tall.
Use your left palm to push up from the floor and sit tall.
Move your left leg behind you, in a sweeping motion, underneath your right leg. Your left hand, knee, and foot should then form a straight line.
Sit above your left heel and move into a tall kneel. Face forward.
Move your left leg until you are in a lunge position.
Get up.
Reverse these steps in order to do a “get-down.”
Repeat with the opposite side.
While these steps sound simple, and are simple on their face, mastering them with precision in order to optimize your strength and training benefits takes expertise. F3 Wellness Connections can help you master the Turkish Get-Up and implement it successfully into your kettlebell training regimen.

Benefits of the Turkish Get-Up

With its range of motions, weight load, and engagement of the entire body, the Turkish Get-Up generates some amazing and surprising health benefits:

Improve mobility
Enhance core stability
Build strength
Prevent injury by strengthening all areas of the body
Improve flexibility
Activate glutes
Stabilize rotator cuff
Improve coordination
With these main benefits and more, the Turkish Get-Up should be a critical part of your daily routine. Learn how to add it to your training regimen from one of F3’s kettlebell training experts, or if you’re already doing it, learn how to improve your form and maximize your results.

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