Kidney Health

Kidney Health

Keeping Our Kidneys Healthy

We have two kidneys that are located behind the rest of the abdominal organs closer to the back. In addition to being the major organs in the urinary tract system, they also perform an important role as part of the Endocrine System. 

The kidneys filter and cleanse the blood of toxins. They remove these toxins when we urinate. But did you know that the kidneys help to regulate blood pressure. In Chinese medicine the kidneys are thought to act as energy reservoirs. 

When the kidneys are imbalnced you can experience several symptoms:

*Lower Back Pain

*Mid Back Pain

*Discomfort in the rib area

*Pain in the hip

*TMJ Pain


*Leg Pain

*Swelling in the face or ankles

*Metallic taste in the mouth

*Low urine production

The kidneys also have muscle connections to the upper trapzius muscles and psoas muscle group.


Toxins such a caffeine can cause imbalances in the kidneys. Trapped emotions as well as toxic energy will make it much more difficult for the kidneys to do their work. If you have any of these symptoms you may want to consider a Body Code Session to clear out any trapped emotions or toxic energies that could be harmful to proper kidney function. If you would like more information please feel free to contact me.