Vitamin K2 - Your Heart's New Best Friend

Vitamin K2 - Your Heart's New Best Friend

Vitamin K comes from the German word 'koagulation' after it was discovered in Germany to have a role in blood clotting. This is what it's most well known for but many don't even realize that they're different kinds of vitamin K and they each have their own specific roles.



This type is found in dark green vegetables, matcha tea, and fermented soybeans called "natto". This form goes directly to your liver and helps maintain healthy blood clotting. Low levels of this can result in bruising very easily.



Is made from the good bacteria in your large intestine from the above food sources. K2 has incredible health benefits that go far beyond blood clotting.

K2 doesn't go straight to your liver like K1, instead, it goes right to your blood vessel walls where it goes to work to remove excess calcium buildup and deliver it to the proper places such as your bones and teeth.

Besides moving calcium around to the areas of need, K2's other main role is it activates proteins that control cell growth. This means it has a very important role in cancer prevention. So if you're lacking in K2 you're at a much greater risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancer.


Do you like natto enough to eat 50 grams a day? Probably not, which is why supplementation of vitamin K2 is a popular choice.

Keep in mind that Vitamin K2 needs to be supplemented alongside vitamin D3 as both works together to improve the effects of each other. They're both fat-soluble so take them with a meal or with your fish oil.