An Empath’s Perspective: A Life of Purpose

An Empath’s Perspective: A Life of Purpose

What Is A Life Of Purpose?
The word “purpose” is a big word that easily means different things to different people.  We are all privy to defining this word as we see fit.  To me, this word serves us best when we assign a BIG meaning of depth and strength to it.  To live “a life of purpose” mean we are guided by higher principles and truths that fuel actions that lead to inner fulfillment.

I see many ideas of purpose out there ranging from shallow and simplistic, materialistic or grander humanitarian. None are wrong and yet, some definitely have more depth.

To me, a LIFE lived with PURPOSE has DEPTH.  Choosing depth gives our life direction, meaning and drive.  Choosing depth feeds real success along with the joy and fulfillment that comes from thinking, being and contributing in big or small ways that impact the world.  In the end – one way or another – we leave behind what we were, what we did and the imprint of our very presence.

The array of purpose available in life includes:

To be skinny.
To marry prince charming.
To have a beautiful wedding.
To have a successful career.
To drive a Mercedes.
To have a fun life.
To be a rock star.
To be a millionaire or rich.
To be truthful and authentic.
To love unconditionally.
To support and love my family.
To share skills and talents with others.
To be a loving father or mother.
To make a difference in the world.
To be proactive.
To step forward without fear.

Some of these “purposes” are shallow and the others are not.  Do YOU note the difference? I want you to see and feel the difference.

There is an error – a lack of insight when we choose shallow for our life.

This is a big error because “shallow” does not provide long-term fuel for the journey. Shallow – to me – focus on getting something – always in pursuit of it – coming from a place of lack.

In my humble opinion, it is an error to be single-minded on a drive for superficial measures of happiness – based on driven desires of possession – for more money, happiness, fun, success, etc…

Life is not about possessing anything. Life is about BEING something – being and doing – receiving and giving to impact one another in positive ways and beyond anything superficial.

A choice of “shallow” can be easily smashed to bits by life situations and realities.  To boot – what happens when we fail to achieve the “shallow” that is on our radar?  We all know this answer.  We suffer emotionally – devastated, unworthy and unfulfilled.

Depth – in contrast – involves giving and receiving in meaningful ways. This type of purpose fuels a great life of fulfillment – a win at every turn.

My best advice for you today is to choose a BIG and DEEP purpose for yourself.  Know the key drivers that give you and your life meaning.  Make sure your purpose and those drivers resonate to spark you!  Never lose sight of the fact that you are here to contribute in some way – that life gives NO guarantees and you choose – you own your life – you create your life – you co-creation with others.  

So, step forward and choose wisely. Lead with depth and purpose – flowing and flexing with great positivity and creative energy!

In the meanwhile, grab a piece of paper and answer these questions:
“What is my purpose?”
“What would a life of purpose look like for me?”

I do hope you might incorporate this wisdom into your life.

Much love,  Michelle