Where does authentic joy show up?

Where does authentic joy show up?

Where can authentic joy show up in your life?

One way I authentic joy shows up for me is in connections with people face to face, meaningful conversations and shared experiences. Recently a toddler was entertaining a few of us at the park by raising their hands and saying, "Wheeeee!" and watching all of us imitate them. So fun, spontaneous and innocent! This week I had a meaningful conversation with a friend about the connections I have within myself to sadness. Truly insighful! This month I had a shared experience of the connection of dignity and the spiritual. These are all amazing encounters I have had this month with authentic joy. Fabulous! 

Another way authentic joy shows up for me is in expressing what's authentic in other areas of my life, including sadness or loss. This weekend I lost something valuable. I expressed my sadness, released the loss, knowing that something valuable would be found. Less than 24 hours later what I lost was returned! I experienced authentic joy in having what was lost found, and in receiving the integrity of someone returning what belonged to me!

Lastly, authentic joy shows up for me in having shared experiences. It's profound what we bring one another in our daily lives and conversations. We can only imagine what our presence and voice can offer or bring someone else at just the right time and place.

I invite you to live and thrive as you access authentic joy this week. Look for authentic joy in the unfamiliar and unexpected places as well as the familiar. Imagine the infinite possiblity of experiencing authentic joy as a way of life. I know it's possible for every one who is willing and open to embrace all that life brings us! 

Where will authentic joy show up in your life for you this week?

"Every person has something to give the Universe loves to receive." TM 2019

"Life is meant to be real, not perfect." TM 2019

Cathy Peavy, CEO, Vitality Unlimited, LLC

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