You have purpose

You have purpose

Wanting to change your life for the better but you're hearing side-chatter? 🗣👤

Perhaps the 'nay-saying' is from your acquaintances, friends, partner, co-workers, or family. 
Perhaps they're not saying a word, but you're concerned more with what they'll think than what you want.

Perhaps the negative chatter is coming from yourself.🤔💭

What do you want for your life? 
Better yet, what have you been inspired and C A L L E D to do?

Want to try a food plan to feel healthier,
work out to feel toned,
take a step back from a relationship that you feel doesn't align with you,
go back to school and learn something different,
start your own business?

People will always have an opinion.  

Are you allowing others' opinions, including the 'negative-Nelly'😯 in your head, to deter you from the vision you have for your life?

It's your life.  Live out your life purpose the way you envision.

"Truth is...
You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion."


Want guidance and accountability with setting and meeting goals for yourself to see positive growth in your life? 
I'd love to chat with you about coaching. 🙌

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