“It’s Never Just About The Broccoli”

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019!!  A new year usually invokes exciting feelings to a fresh start for most people.  How many times do we say to ourselves, or hear others say, “This is going to be MY year”!  “This year, I’m going to make those changes… this year, I’m going to get in shape and lose the weight once and for all.…this year, I’m going to change my career, go back to school, join the gym, focus on me and my health,  etc, etc…   Sound familiar?   Only to find yourself in December of that same new year, with everything the same, if not worse in some aspects.   So why does this happen?  Are we just not motivated enough? Possibly, but it’s been my experience over the years, that we don’t look at our lives as a whole, we tend to focus on just the lacking part, or the part that is broken and needs fixing.

Since my expertise is in holistic nutrition, and integrating that into my client’s life, we spend a good amount of time inspecting other areas that may be driving their less than good nutritional choices or what the root cause of their chief complaint is when it comes to their health and overall wellbeing.   For example, we talk a good amount about relationships, career, physical activity and whether or not they have a spiritual practice.  Believe it or not, all those areas can drive our food choices, not to mention our health.

So let’s say you’re eating everything organic, maybe you’re a vegan, keto or paleo follower, etc. and you feel like garbage.  No energy, stressed, aches & pains, digestive upset.  If you were my client, we would take a deep dive into some other areas of your life first, before we started inspecting your food, because “it’s never just about the broccoli”.   You may have a toxic, draining relationship looming in your life, sapping all your energy.  Or, you may have a horribly stressful job or situation in your life that is taking a huge toll on your health.  Maybe you sit all day, work long hours and have no time for physical activity, and even if you did have a little time, you’re too tired to do anything.   And there’s always the possibility that the food you are eating (as good as it is, because it’s all the rage and trend right now) is hurting you.  These are all too familiar things I hear every day.    People are over worked, stressed to the max, eating on the fly, and then having trouble sleeping due to all that.  How do we stop the cycle and actually get that fresh start in the New Year that we so want and desire?  I empower people to make healthy choices in order to take back their health.  I believe options give you freedom to choose for yourself.

Here are some super helpful tips that may give you the kick start that you need to see some positive results right away:

1)       Many different areas of our lives make up the WHOLE PERSON, but doing a quick inspection of these 4:  Physical activity, Spiritual practice, Career & Relationships.  Be honest with yourself, and take a look and see what needs attention.

2)       Keep a food & feelings journal!  See how certain foods make you feel.  Food is very powerful, it is medicine!  And just because it’s a healthy type food or what the trend is currently telling you to eat, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for you.  For example:  a beautiful deep red tomato may spike one person’s glucose level the same as ice cream would.  Everyone’s body has a unique make up.

3)      Sleep!  Sleep is so important.  People are starting to get educated on the danger of blue light, and what it does to our brain and sleep.   Turning off the TV, computers or phones 1-2 hours before bedtime, really does alert our brain that it’s time to shut down and get some rest.  If you have to work or be on those devices, I highly recommend getting a pair of amber glasses or changing screens on those devices to cut down on the blue light and switch to more ambient or amber light.


 Cheers to the New Year and to taking back your life and health! My practice is Balanced Life Health Coaching, LLC 1 Grove Street Suite 117, Pittsford NY  14534    I offer free consultations,

and can be reached at (585)755-1880 or email [email protected]  I’d love to show you how you can take back your health and utilize the many choices and options you have when it comes to having the health you want and ultimately a more Balanced Life.