How To Navigate The Journey Between Your Head and Heart

How To Navigate The Journey Between Your Head and Heart

It has been said that the longest journey you’ll ever take is the distance between your head to your heart. 

I don’t think anyone has ever traveled it without having a few bumps in the road.

Many of us though may feel like we experience more than our fair share of maladies. 

I believe we can learn just like pilots do, to move to a different elevation to smooth out the turbulence we experience along the way.

It’s why I recently created a program to teach others how the soothe their own path and also support others and themselves in navigating that very journey.

Because the truth is we are all finding our way onto a path that is most aligned with our highest true self.  

You know what it feels like when you are on it and when you have drifted away.

It’s time we work together to live our best lives, share our unique value with others, and see our brightest vision come to life.

3 Head-Traps That Keep You From Having Your Vision And Best Version Of You Come To Life

First, it’s important to understand the real high-level habits you can cultivate to live your best life are not taught informal education classes.

In fact, they are often not even taught at home…

So, what are these powerful self-directed habits that promote seeing your vision come to life?

  • Knowing who you are
  • Honoring who you are 
  • Trusting who you are

Now if it were only that easy to know, honor and trust your true self!

However, activating and aligning with the energy of all three of these will provide you with the fundamental innate power of living your Divine truth and soul purpose. 

I know that’s important to me, and my hunch is that matters to you too.

There is actually a palpable physiologic and energetic pathway between your head and heart that is activated when these habits are practiced. (I’ll explain how you can do that later.)

Let’s talk about what often trips us up in life school and how to find the best solution for you to overcome this head-traps.

Head-Trap 1: Comparison 

At one time or another, we get caught up in what others are doing.  It’s common to want to see what others are up to and accomplishing.

The problem is you are unwittingly looking to them as a frame of reference and then your eyes and awareness are directed away from your own truth.

Quietly below the surface, you might be asking yourself the questions like:

  • Is that me?  Am I like that or different?
  • Is that something I could be doing?
  • If they can do it why can’t I?

Then what happens is you become unable to focus on what real inspiration and guidance comes from within you. 

And as I mentioned earlier, because these three aspects are so connected to each other, you can see how not knowing who you truly are leads to the next problem, confusion.

Head-Trap 2: Confusion

Unfortunately, the biggest clarity zapper is your subconscious doing it’s job keeping you safe.

People will frequently say “I’m confused, frustrated and don’t really know what to do next.“

My favorite self-talk used to be “I just can’t figure it out!”…

Until I shifted it after discovering that was an old self-limiting belief program I picked up in childhood, as a result of feeling helpless to what was going on around me.

If we stay confused, we avoid going near our pain.

And we cheat ourselves out of honoring the path of growth we have come here to own and evolve.

Going through the process of self-discovery is part of having clarity about who you truly are.

What many don’t understand is that part of our work in this lifetime is to sort through old patterns of behavior and thoughts that we picked up as we grew up.

And also heal the heaviness of what was passed down through genetic programs that the previous generation was unable to or didn’t know how to resolve. 

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY… remember you came here to shift it while creating new positive qualities and life-enhancing programs that ultimately support you living your best version of you and your vision. 

Head-Trap 3: Chatter

Everyone has thoughts moving through their heads all the time. And that’s a good thing. 

We are high functioning beings because of thought. 

The chatter helps direct what happens both internally and externally in our lives.

We are constantly talking and listening to ourselves even if we are unaware of the specifics.

Sometimes the conversations are positive and others it’s some self-defeating clamor that surfaces.

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY if you are able to hear different kinds of inner voices.

It’s when we can’t discern the different aspects of who we are in our chatter that keep us from trusting our truth and our Divine connection.

Your reoccurring thoughts represent the part of you that came in to this world to heal, transmute and evolve to something better.

Now that I have shared the three Head-Traps… stay tuned next week where I will share how you can find the solutions that will work best for you to ‘get out of the head traps’!