Change is Inevitable

Change is Inevitable

I saw this quote this morning and I thought it was quite fitting. “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional”. By John C Maxwell. This really strikes a sweet cord in my life’s journey right now.

As many of you know, I have experienced lots of change in my life in the past few years and I’m happy to say every bit of it in one way or another has come to a higher good in the end. So with that, I’m so thrilled to continue with my journey of change.

About 9 months ago I met a gentleman who was helping me with my website. He had asked me if I went by Candy or Candace. I replied that I seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis going on. I’ve been Candy since birth even though Candace is my legal name. I thought maybe Candace sounded more professional though and it had also been pointed out to me in the past that, “Your name is Candy and you’re a health coach?” Well, this lovely gentleman who use to be in marketing replied, “I disagree”, you are the “Health Candy”. I immediately told him that I was steeling it and he was genius. Well here we are only 9 months later and I’ve actually done what I said I would. I have changed the name of Wellness Renewed with Candy Foster to Your Health Candy.

Now that I’ve done it, I wonder what the heck took me so long. It feels like it’s always been this way. So needless to say, you will all see some changes in my materials and website but the company roots remain the same. I still can’t wait to help you heal your gut, manage your stress and cook deliciously healthy meals. I’m still just as passionate about these things as I was a few years ago when I started this business that has become more fulfilling to me than anything I’ve ever done in my life.

In the end I still welcome all of the changes coming at me in the future and I look forward to the growth that will come with them for my business and myself.

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