Shatter the Status Quo to Live with Vitality and Joy

Shatter the Status Quo to Live with Vitality and Joy

We might say that the first pains in life are physical ones: getting that first breath, mother’s nourishing milk to fill an empty stomach, and the warmth of a wrapped blankie and a knit hat while lying next to momma’s heartbeat.  These are all examples of physical comfort used to eliminate physical discomfort or pain. 

As we age, we learn more lessons about physical bumps and bruises. We fall off our bikes, we become overtired during a long day of play, we touch a hot stove…. And the list goes on.  Physical pain is easy to identify. And when young, we express ourselves to the hurt/pain in the moment.  However, as we become more sophisticated in our living, we disguise our reaction to the physical pain, learn to live with the chronic pain, or not… and complain about the physical pain.

And over time, these physical pains become habit forming. What? Yes, that’s my theory.

All along, we’re taught to “suck it up”, “live with it”, and “it’s all in your head”.  Eventually, we forget what life was like without pain and accept it as the status quo.

Physical pain sets in when these basic life energy balances are out of whack: Movement (Cardio and Strength Exercise), Sleep (7-8 Hours Regular & Healthy Sleep), Nutrition (Healthy Food Choices & Portions), Rest Periods (Break Times from Routine, whether Daily, Monthly, or Annually).

What’s the downside of a sedentary life with poor nutrition, sleepless nights and work without relief? A partial or total breakdown…. Symptoms of dis-ease or disease diagnosis. However, hearing this is irrelevant to motivating you to take action! It sometimes takes years for the onset of problems to build to a crisis. 

Personal responsibility for one’s physical health and physical life energy is nearly an extinct concept in the USA. We have enjoyed a wonderful “sick care” system called a “healthcare model” for years. Our fast-paced world demands us to cram in unhealthy fast-food, supersized portions, and working longer harder hours with less human capital for higher corporate profits.

As of 2019, the push is to have the government take charge of your “sick care”, finally making personal responsibility extinct.  This provides you an eternally open door to continue bad habits of poor nutrition, sedentary life, sleepless nights and work without relief.

So, I’m here to ask you, “What really matters to you?”

·       Getting on the floor to play with the grandkids?

·       Sharing lifetime memories with loved ones?

·       Healthy sexual relationship with your partner?

·       Self-Confidence, Self-Acceptance, Self-love?

Only you can answer this question, “What really matters to you?” I encourage you to consider your responses as they relate to your physical energy balance – your vitality and zest for life. You have CHOICE. And my hope for you is that you choose personal responsibility, get your heart’s desire of what really matters to you, and #livejoy.

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