Connecting to the Yourself and Your Children with Child’s Pose

Connecting to the Yourself and Your Children with Child’s Pose

The beginning of the school year can really leave adults and children in a stressed out tailspin. Why not take a couple minutes before and after school to connect with yourself, your children, and the earth using child’s pose?

 Begin by kneeling quietly and facing each other with enough space to extend both of your arms in front of you. Take three slow breaths together and chant, “Om” or any other sound to tune in. For your first child’s pose, take your knees as wide at your mat, keeping your feet joined together under your bottom. Now mindfully walk your hands before you as far as they will reach with your bottom continuing to rest on your heels. When you can’t reach any further without lifting your bottom, let your forehead carefully lower down towards the ground.

 If your forehead reaches the ground- great. If not, wonderful. Breathe deeply into your belly and notice how this forces your back to curve and your inner organs to be compressed. Exhale, and sink into the relaxation of released tension. Take three deep breathes here and follow the sensation in your body with your awareness. On your next breath, rise up to kneeling seat again.

 Now try child’s pose with your bottom resting on your heels, tops of your feet pressed against the floor, and your knees are pressed together before you. Repeat the same process as you did with wide knees.

 After three breaths, rise up to kneeling seat again. Recall how your breath felt to you in both versions of child’s pose, and choose the one that feels best for your third round of child’s pose. Lower down in the child’s pose of your choice and count 6 breath cycles for yourself before you rise back to kneeling. To close out this simple calming ritual you can chant, “Om,” again or ring a bell. Choose a sound that feels like completion to you.

 Perhaps you might use the minutes after your shared child’s pose to check in about how the day went for you and your children. Keep in mind that you can certainly add more poses as you feel inspired, but if you and your children need something simple and fast, child’s pose is a terrific pose for finding calm quickly.

 Try it and let me know how it goes!