Increase Workplace Productivity with Corporate Chair Massage

Increase Workplace Productivity with Corporate Chair Massage

Most of us think of massage as a “luxury” indulgence or a special treat only to be experienced on an occasion such as vacation, an anniversary, or as a birthday present. But did you know that regular, routine massage therapy enhances the quality of life in many ways, and that massage is actually much more affordable and accessible than you might think?

With benefits abundant benefits, it’s no wonder that massage therapy not only improves personal well-being but also leads to increased work performance. As such, many companies or all sizes offer chair massage therapy to their employees in the workplace, adding this incredible employee benefit for an affordable price.

Some of the benefits of chair massage for employees in the workplace include:

1- Lower anxiety. Whether brought upon by work deadlines and pressures, or by issues in our personal lives, we call carry anxiety to some degree. Chair massage helps lower this anxiety as it relieves tension in our bodies, helping employees improve their performance on the job.

2- Increases circulation. Improved circulation helps our bodies function their best, leading to improved performance in all areas of our day, including at work.

3- Boosts the immune system. Chair massage relaxes the body, allowing all body functions to work at more optimum levels. This includes the immune system. With an improved function of the immune system comes fewer employees missing work with illness, leading to more personal satisfaction for employees (as they aren’t sick as much) and more production for the company.

4- Lowers blood pressure. Lower blood pressure is a tremendous health benefit of chair massage. As employees relax and their tension is released, blood pressure naturally lowers correspondingly, leading to fewer health risks and concerns.

5- Relieves muscle pains and headaches. Nothing stands in the way of productive work quite like a killer headache. Chair massage relieves the causes of most headaches while also alleviating muscle pain, helping employees relax and focus on the task at and instead of being distracted and losing concentration due to that painful headful or nagging muscle soreness.

6- Decreases stress. Along with all of these other benefits, chair massage in the workplace decreases stress. It provides similar relaxation and tranquility to traditional table massage and helps our bodies relax in places we didn’t even know we were tense. This helps us to carry responsibilities in a healthy way instead of balling them up as “stress.”

7- Improves sleep quality. This is yet another tremendous benefit of chair massage in the workplace. Improved sleep quality leads to more rested employees, generating more positive production at work. No one functions well when they lack quality sleep, and on the contrary, we all function our best when we receive enough quality sleep. Releasing tension, stress, and anxiety through chair massage helps make this possible.

8- Generates more flexibility. Chair massage yields more flexibility, which in turn causes fewer aching muscles and reduces injuries. Thus, improved flexibility reduces the number of negative things that can happen to our bodies which in turn distract us from productive work.

With these tremendous benefits of chair massage in the workplace, perhaps now is the time to add this to your employee health and wellness plan. F3 Wellness has everything you need. We provide the chairs and the massage therapists, and we handle all of the set-up and details. Contact us today for rates and availability for our corporate chair massage service. You and your employees will be glad you did.