5 Ways to Access Your Higher Guidance

5 Ways to Access Your Higher Guidance

Accessing Your Own Higher Guidance  

When you have to make an important decision do you do it quickly or thoughtfully? Do you ask others for their input? Have you always had a sense of what is right for you? Or do you feel uncertain about what you want?

How about those times when you are so excited that you’re not sure you can trust your judgment? For me, it happened when I went to buy a convertible.  At times like that, my desire easily outweighs practicality and my bank account.

Sometimes we really don’t know how to decide what is a good move. When job hunting, do you take the first opportunity offered? Do you wait to see if another offer comes in? And if you have several offers how do you decide which one is best for you?

Not having a sense of what is right for you can mean wasting time and money besides creating that frustration. That problem came up during my first year in college. I struggled in philosophy and in sociology; I knew I had to make a change. Since I didn’t know what to do, I went to my meditation teacher and asked. She recommended changing my area of study because I was meant to be a teacher of students with disabilities.

At that time, I didn’t have my own inner sense of what was right so I got help, changed departments and studied to become a special education teacher. Quickly I saw I made the right decision because my grades went up, the struggle disappeared, college became gratifying, creating that knowing I am in the Right place, right time.

When you are distraught you can ask someone for guidance. The key though is asking for guidance from the right person, not just any friend or family member.

Here are five tools
that address those times when we desire guidance because we aren’t sure of our next step. Or those times when we have a sense of what is for our highest and best and want more certainty. Then you’ll have an opportunity to practice one of them.

I recommend a specific type of journaling. One friend of mine, journals by first asking for higher guidance before she writes.

It doesn’t matter whether you write to the Universe, to your ancestors or to God you are heard and receive benefit from this writing process.  It takes practice and time journaling to learn how to get into the flow.

She has found for years as she writes she gets the answers she needs and finds the answers trustworthy. This type of journaling is called automatic writing and has been around for a long while and is a powerful tool. It is a similar method as used by those who channel books. The first one I came across was Seth Speaks.

If you don’t like writing, here’s a second idea. You can ask a question before going to sleep and get guidance in your sleep about it. Many people complain they aren’t aware of the guidance they received while sleeping and go on about their day. Maybe you wonder too how often they got what they needed in their sleep and their dreams and don’t realize their actions thereafter are based upon it. They appear to not be conscious of it.

One way to become more conscious of the messages you get in dreams is to start a dream journal. Just jotting when you wake from a dream, the elements and feelings. Patterns will reveal themselves and like with journaling your understanding will increase over time.

This idea is particularly fun when it occurs. In his book, The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield he talked about and gave multiple examples of synchronicity. Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related yet have no discernible causal connection. They appear to be coincidences and at the same time, you can see the perfection in them without anyone orchestrating it.

For example, you might hear a random conversation between people near you that appears to address one of your own inner questions.

Synchronicity was obvious the day I went to visit my friend, at the restaurant she worked in only to find she had gotten off early. After I left the restaurant, I decided to go to the mall to get lunch only to discover she was sitting in the food court with her boyfriend. So I got to see her after all.

Synchronicity is a type of higher guidance. It helps to be open and flexible for it to occur. This type of guidance often shows up as you being in the right place at the right time without effort.

Another way it shows up is getting a prompt to notice something regarding the information you need. This often happens in threes.

Recently I’ve been getting messages from several people to prepare to promote my next book. I know I didn’t do much to sell the first Journey with Matityahu (Mathew) book and I am being encouraged to do so for the second book in the series which comes out later this year.

For memories sake, I’ll recap:
Truly, these three methods to access your own higher guidance or higher self are the tip of the iceberg. We each have our own inner knowing and can answer our own questions with our higher guidance whether through automatic writing, asking for help before going to sleep or watching for synchronicity.

There is nothing wrong with asking others for advice as I mentioned I did while in college. At the same time, knowing what is right for you, seeing signs along the way, moving forward with confidence because you feel the rightness of it within you shows you living your wisdom.

We know big decisions matter to us, right? We want to feel good about our decisions moving forward.

If you have bought a car, if you have moved to a city you had never lived in before, if you have ever decided to quit a job. Those are big life decisions.

My point is when tackling the big decisions, we prefer to access our own inner knowing rather than having to ask someone else and then discern if its good guidance.

A fourth way to get higher guidance is to ask the angel cards. Some people are trained in tarot and can get their guidance through the cards. A friend of mine uses Animal Totem cards for direction.

It is also easy to use Doreen Virtue’s Angel cards and crystal cards. Simply ask a question, shuffle the cards and take the top card as your answer.

Now I usually tell spirit or the universe that I will always shuffle 3 times. Generally, I always ask, “What would you have me know?”. Occasionally you’ll get more than one card because you are supposed to have more information.

Using the angel cards concludes my everyday practice of meditating, prayer and breath work. I think most the time you can trust what you get.

Accessing a higher state of consciousness through meditation helps you move into awareness and answer your own questions.  Although there are many kinds of meditation, these two pertain to opening to your own guidance. One of them you can even do through the link provided at the end of the article.

In insight meditation, you sit in and move into that calm, still place inside. You ask a question, ask for a new perspective or a broader perspective. Then you just sit, staying in the stillness and watch for what arises.

After training in 7th plane meditation by Theta Healers, now I do a theta brain wave state of meditation. Theta is a very s l o w brain wave, actually a sleep state. Usually when people meditate their brains slow to the alpha state. Theta is even slower. Monks who have meditated for long periods of time generally do theta or delta state meditations.

With training, we move into theta brain wave state quickly and can ask for guidance on anything in life and hear or know answers. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a lengthy meditation.

Recently I meditated asking about changes in my business and if they could come about quicker. In my mind’s eye, I saw a tomato. I sat without judgment and waited to understand. It changed color, ripening, turning red and plump. The message all things grow and ripen at their own natural pace, I interpreted it to mean my business was growing and to allow its own natural timing. It was comforting.

To recap when making a big decision or seeking more information,
ask angel cards or any card deck that speaks to you,
use insight meditation or theta meditation.
Oprah regularly interviews celebrities and wise men and women who have the gift of inner knowing that not only they can trust, others do too.  You can have that level of knowing for yourself too.

Having your own tools to access your inner knowing of what is right for you is key. All of these five methods work. We can go to others for guidance, that is easy enough. The ideal is knowing you have your own access to your highest truth.

These downloads to increase your vibration, ability and receptiveness will come to you after you read them if you just say yes and Creator/Source will download them for you. If there is one in there that you don’t want just say so in your head. Then Creator will download just the ones you want. Here are the downloads:

I know how to, and I do access my higher self.
I know how to, and I do access the Divine.
I know how to access my highest and best guidance.
I know how to make important decisions with grace and ease.
I do make important decisions with grace and ease.
I am connected to and aware of the Divine.
I am open to receive from the Creator of All That Is.
Divine guidance comes to me easily.
I can tell the difference between what is the highest guidance for me and what is ordinary thinking.
If you want these say yes.

Now you can go to the link for a guided theta state meditation, you will be taken to a higher state of consciousness so you can ask and will receive guidance. While in the theta brain wave state you can ask and wait to see, hear or know your guidance. Keep practicing until it’s easy and you can always access your own guidance.

Light and Love, Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, Ed.D., LISAC


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