Bedtime Poses for Parents Who Need Help Sleeping

It’s almost time for Chinese New Year! Call out your dragons, let’s go dancing in the streets, and pass out fabulous fortunes to each other in red envelopes!

But for now, I’d like to present today’s topic to you- bedtime poses.

How did I come up with the topic?

Funny enough, this blog post was inspired when I received an email from a woman who works at a new mattress company called Casper. She was inviting me to write a blog post for Casper to possible include in their newest project “Bed-time Yoga Poses.”

I want to be clear that I do not own one of these mattresses, nor am I endorsing it. I took a quick peek at the website: The mattresses look very comfortable, and they are engineered and crafted in the U.S.A. which I like a lot, (some of their textile comes from Belgium, but I like Belgium too.) My point is I am not trying to sell you a mattress, nor am I getting paid to write this blog. It might get posted as one of their favorites on Twitter and Pinterest, and that’s about it.

But I really like the creativity of this marketing approach. Mattresses are all well and fine, but when we align what we are selling with some good wholesome lifestyle practices- my friends this is where the magic of a new world is created, and we all do it together either consciously or unconsciously.

So this leads me to the bedtime poses that I want to share with you today.

Where did I get these poses you might wonder?

I also enjoy the answer to this question- I was taught this series of poses by a mom who I spoke to at a parent coffee at Portland Montessori where I teach kids yoga. She has not practiced yoga recently, but she remembered a series of poses she had been taught in a class years back when she first had her children and was having a difficult time falling asleep.

She said she had learned these poses in a yoga class and the series was designed to assist in attaining easeful restorative sleep. The sweet smile on her face as she told me about her experience let me know it was a happy memory. So I asked her to share the series with me, and I wrote it down on the back of the parent email list I was collecting.

As she shared the series with me, which was amazing because she hadn’t practiced it for some time, I was impressed by what an impression it had made on her. I was also loving how a woman who doesn’t define herself a yogini, was instructing me on a series of yoga asana for healthy sleep! This is what community and “each one teach one” is all about!

Until now, I have been mostly blessed with the ability to fall asleep easily. Maybe it’s the yoga, but I also typically read myself to sleep. It’s my favorite way to go. However, for my friends who are looking for a natural loving inner sandman, my Portland Montessori mama said this series really came to her rescue. If you are craving an excellent yogic experiment to help you get to sleep more easefully, give this series a try and please leave me a comment below to let me know how it went.

Much Love & Praise to aligning with vital life practices and also discovering how much wealth we have in each other and community!

Series of Bed-Time Poses

This series should be done in sets of two rounds per workout. In the first round, poses that must be done on both sides should be done on the right. During the second round, repeat these poses on the left.

Exception: You can lean into upward salute on the right and left sides during both rounds. I’ve included good website links that illustrate these poses clearly with good instruction and useful cautionary information. Always be gentle with your body, and remember the breath is paramount!

Repeat this series in rounds of two however many times you like.

1. Mountain Pose- Tadasana-

2. Upward Salute- Urdhva Hastasana- – One movement element to add here: Do a side stretch from upward salute once you have your palms together above your head, breathe in and then breathe out to lean your upper body to the right. Breathe in to come back to center, and then breath out to lean to the left. Breathe in to come back to center.

3. Star Pose-

4. Goddess Pose- Utkata Konasana-

5. Extended Triangle Pose- Utthita Trikonasana- – Do right side on the first round of this series. On the second round, do it on the left.

6. Pyramid Pose- Parsvottanasana- – Do this pose with the right foot in front on the first round of this. On the second round, do it with the left foot in front.

7. Half Squat Pose- Ardha Malasana- – Do right side on the first round of this series. On the second round, do it on the left.

8. Squat (a.k.a Garland Pose)- Malasana-

9. Repeat this series on the left side and enjoy!