Peace Through Engagement

Peace Through Engagement

Welcome, we are here to bring you wisdom and information that will assist you on your ascension process. As you know your sun is in motion around a great central sun. You are all on a journey through the stars as you revolve around this sun. So too, you are all on a journey of self discovery. The journey your sun takes is a long one. One that has given you much to see through the trials with which you have endured as you have been on this ride. Some of these trials you have wanted, others you would have preferred not to have experienced. We are here to let you know that they are all the same. What you would have preferred to experience, is no different from what you would have preferred not to have experienced. They are two separate sides of the same coin. When you were enjoying your experience, you were experiencing the side of the coin that was expansion and flow. When you were experiencing the side of the coin in which you would rather have not experienced, you were experiencing the side that was restriction. It may sound odd, but you chose to have it this way. You wanted to see the contrast between what flows and what restricts. Through seeing all sides of a situation, or from the way we see it, your relationship to that which you consider separate from yourself, you gain experience and mastery of it. Rather, you gain added relational value to the ‘other’ which is in truth, ‘yourself’. From what is gained through this relating, one achieves a level of peace.


It is the quality of this relating which is crucial here. One can relate to situations in ways that advocate deeper separation from what is being experienced, thus separation from themselves. Or they can choose to engage the situation and embrace it with the fullness of their being. This allows a person to be fully present with all that occurs in what they consider to be ‘outside' of themselves in the form of what they perceive with their senses. This also allows a person to be fully present with what they consider to be ‘inside’ themselves in the form of what they perceive through thoughts and feelings.


Before we continue further down this rabbit hole, we would like to back up to explain something that we have touched upon lightly. That is the concept of ‘self’ and ‘other’. Understand that you ARE the world in which you perceive. The only thing that creates separation is the association you have with your six senses. Your ears tell you that you hear a noise created ‘outside’ of you. Your eyes tell you that you see that which is ‘in front’ of you. Your taste tells you that you just put a separate ‘thing’ into your mouth. Your nose tells you that some ’thing’ has a scent. Your touch tells you that there is variety in the way that your body connects to the world ‘around’ you. Your intuition tells you that you are ‘sensing’ a situation, energy or information that is being perceived by you. Without these senses, there would be nothing for the mind to interpret. Our bodies and the function of the senses are the only things that give our minds something to do other than be connected to Source.


To take this one step farther. Understand also that it is the culmination of what has been perceived by these senses that have been translated into stories that are held onto by the mind. This forms the ego which only exists through the concept of separation. It is these stories which create the world in which we consider ourselves to perceive ‘outside’ of ourselves. In truth, we ARE the world around us. Thus, in fully relating with it, we fully relate with ourselves. When there is no more fear around this relating, peace is the only outcome that is possible.


With this understanding in mind, once a human makes the decision to know more about themselves, which often happens at a level which is beneath the consciousness of the logical mind, they begin to manifest circumstances which engage aspects of their being in which they have neglected or at one point decided to make separate. This is often regarded as a ‘negative’ experience because it stimulates the human in an area of their being that they have forgotten. Thus, by fully engaging with all that becomes stimulated ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of the being in an accepting and graceful manner, the human begins to re-associate, or acknowledge, the deeper oneness of their being. Once the situation has been fully engaged with, the human begins to see that there was really no reason for the separation in the first place. They once again find peace where they had accepted fear.


The most common misconception with full engagement is the belief that the human does not have the resources to fully ‘be’ with what is. That there is a level of lack within them that creates the belief that they do not have what it takes to endure what is occurring in their lives. Understand that humans constantly co create their lives and never create that which they cannot grow from or connect with. In fact, the more intense or unbelievable a situation is, the greater the truth is that is being revealed to the human about themselves. The more a being can be present to, and engage with this unbelievability, the greater the level of peace that is created. It may seem chaotic for a time, but this is only the revelation of the insanity that was being held within the belief systems of the being. It is a temporary state as the truth beneath all separation is connection. The faithful and steady belief in this is what brings forth the resources for the peaceful and inevitable resolution to the painful belief that the human is less than or separate. With this application, peace and healing become inevitable. It is the birthright of all upon the planet. Thus, it can be no other way. We thank you in allowing us to convey this to you.

By Gale Wulff

Chanelled information from his future self