Setting Intention--bright and early!

Setting Intention--bright and early!

In the morning when my alarm goes off, I roll from side to side in my cozy sheets, stretch my legs out long and point my toes.  I gently rub my belly and breathe deeply.  I wipe my eyes and drink the water sitting on my nightstand before my feet hit the ground.  I walk to the window, slide the plush white curtains to the edge, and allow my eyes to get their first glimpse of the morning sky.  Inhale & Exhale. Some days it’s cloudy, most days it’s bright!  As my pupils adjust, the full-bodied tree greets me with an enthusiastic, “good morning Coco, nice to see you again!” I smile and look at the birds as they flutter from leaf to leaf with so much energy. A small part of me is envious of them.


They fly wherever they decide. They choose to travel solo or with their buddies from tree to tree all day long with not a care in the world.  No bills to pay. No deadlines. No meetings to get to. Just free.


As I pause and think about their freedom, I realize I’m free too. I create my destiny, I determine the type of day I’m going to have— and it all starts with my mindset. 


My time with nature isn’t simply a morning routine anymore, it is who I am.  A while ago, I made a vow that before my eyes look at any screen, they must first connect with the sky.  The sky is vast, it’s beautifully overwhelming, and it reminds me how small the tasks of the day really are. This moment with the sky moves my heart to feel lighter, my mind more clear, and my energy awake.  


So I ask: What is a healthy morning habit that brightens your day? If you don’t have one, what can you create that will be sustainable, easy, fun and bring you joy each morning you rise? It’s never too late to come up with one! 

In Health & Happiness 

Coach Coco