Tending to Your Inner Child

Tending to Your Inner Child

How are you beloved? Have you been making time to take care of yourself?

These past few weeks so many people have been sharing stories with me about their overwhelm and how busy they feel! Can you relate?

Well...if you are feeling stressed I hope to share some helpful energy with you today.

The distressed Inner Child is where many of our uncomfortable reactive emotions come from... Try to stop for a moment, listen within and try to accept where you are and how you feel in the present moment. Then take another moment to tend to your inner world.

I believe your strength and inner wisdom will guide you.

I trust that you CAN find the peace within. 
Stop and breathe.

Take 3 deep belly breaths and feel your center.

Reply or leave a comment if you find this helpful and please reach out if you have questions or need support. I am sending you so much love to help you through.

May you have peace in your heart as you journey through this life, Namaste.