Using The 3rd Eye Light

Using The 3rd Eye Light

People of planet earth, we are here to assist you in all of your endeavors as you ascend to the higher frequencies of love and light. Many of you speak of light and of love, but have no idea what that really means. We are here to tell you that it is much different than most of you think. For example, most people envision a higher vibration upon planet earth and believe that everything will ‘look’ the same, that objects will still be objects and that things remain solid and have weight. We know this is a stretch, but you are only experiencing the Earth this way because it is what your minds have created. Your minds circulate a lot of dark and dense thoughts. Your neurons fire at a very slow rate and your minds are not familiar with seeing actual light and so you are not able to see light in the world that you have created. We are here to tell you that light originates in your minds and then projects out into the world. This is the fastest way to change the world that you see. Seeing the world through the light in your minds also changes the actual structure of what you see. Objects and that which you currently perceive as outside of you become recognized as that which was created in the mind.


The concept of having a literally ‘illuminated mind’ is almost impossible for you to think about. This is because most of you have never considered that your minds can create actual light. The first thing to understand about your mind is that it is a part of that which created you. Thus, you are not separate from what you call your Creator. The illumination within your minds creates this knowing.


When you first become aware of this light, you  will also become undeniably aware of the Oneness of All. You will first notice this through a process of illumination within your darkness. The way this begins is that you will have an awareness of a light that is seen behind your eyes. When you close them, focus your awareness on what you call your third eye. This will begin as a slight glow and a sense of warmth in your forehead. In time this will gather in strength and intensity. You will eventually notice that there is a light which is observable within your third eye. In time, and with practice, it will become extremely bright and almost difficult to look at. Be with this light to the best of your ability and begin seeing the world through this light. As you begin to work with it, you will notice that it is not isolated to your third eye. You will notice that it is originating from a place that is deeper within your mind. It will seem like it is coming from a specific location that you would call your Pituitary Gland. However, this is not so. The light is actually illuminating from your Pineal Gland, and merely observed in your Pituitary Gland. The Pineal Gland acts as the source and the Pituitary Gland acts as the projector.


The Light is who you really are. The more familiar you become, and the more you meld with this light, the more you will eventually identify with it. When you have identified with this light, your ascension becomes irreversible. As the Light is embraced as true and real within, you will be locked into a new reality that will rapidly shift and alter you into a higher functioning reality. You cannot look away from the beauty of what you see. It is the remembrance of Truth, it is the remembrance of Peace, it is a Homecoming. We speak of this process to you now because there are those of you who are beginning to experience these things. We aim to give you a context in which to understand what is happening  within you.


Notice too that there are many feelings and thoughts which are arising within you that you prefer not to have. Many of which you cannot name or put a finger on. We invite you to be patient with yourself. Understand that what you are experiencing has been within you all along. In the past you simply did not have enough light within to see that it was there. Move forward, move through it and be as forgiving with yourselves as you are with those who are sparking your discomfort. The more presence you can be with the process and the more you can honor your need to rest and heal, the faster you will move through this brief period to the other side.

In grace…

Channeled by: Gale Wulff

Channeling his future Self