Trapped Emotions Are Dangerous

Every organ or set of organs in our body produces a different set of emotions.

Trapped Emotions affect every part of your life. No doubt, at one time or another, you have found yourself looking out from the “back of your mind” in the middle of a situation and thinking “Why am I doing/saying these things?”, but you cannot stop the “knee Jerk” response that is coming out of you at the time? Or maybe you experience times of high anxiety frequently or even constantly! Those negative type responses are caused by “trapped emotions” from past experiences (trauma). You do NOT need to be plagued by the negative emotions of #anger , #anxiety , #fear, you seem to be constantly experiencing. You might not know what it means to Be Emotionally Free, BUT YOU CAN!


Young as they are, your children experience the very same feelings and they also have the ability to have trapped emotions. Just recently, I worked with a young boy that was only 11 years of age. I worked with him for only one session, and within a week, his mother told me that I had given her little boy back to her. where he was angry, always fighting with his little sister, and unable to take correction, he was now no longer angry and even told his mother that he felt better, and when told to do something, he minded without any negative response.


You deserve to be emotionally free! Send me a message from this site or email to [email protected] for contact, and let’s talk a little about how simple it is to dump the #anxiety #anger #negativeemotion #phobia and the effects of #PTSD.

It doesn’t matter where in the World you are, I can help you with any of the trapped emotions you are having trouble with. Consider helping your children as well! MESSAGE ME for a free consultation!