4 Ways Inner Child Work is a Fast Track to Transformation

4 Ways Inner Child Work is a Fast Track to Transformation

When something really painful happens to us and we are not able to fully process it (which happens a lot when we are young), a part of our consciousness splits off and holds onto this pain as if the same circumstances were happening 24/7.  We call these parts our inner child, and they are a part of our subconscious mind.


Although we may not be aware of these young hurt parts of our self,

they continue to affect our life on a daily basis in 2 major ways.


1 The painful emotions they hold onto create a background filter as we go through life. This filter of betrayal, shame, or sadness brings the influence of past pain into every life experience, even if we are not aware of it.

2 They often hold self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs that wreak havoc on our adult goals and desires.


We can discover these hurt parts and offer them compassion and love in order to heal and release their pain. We can ALSO teach them new life-affirming ways of being which gradually upgrades their programming (our subconscious beliefs).


4 ways working with our inner child is a fast track to transformation:


1 Access point to subconscious mind

Talking with our inner child(ren) gives us direct access to our current subconscious beliefs and a way to upgrade our subconscious beliefs by teaching our inner child new healthy beliefs.

Our subconscious must be on board with our adult goals and desires. The subconscious mind is 1000 times more powerful than our conscious mind and responsible for over 95% of our thoughts, feelings, and decisions. Our subconscious beliefs are largely formed in childhood.

We may consciously believe that we are wonderful, but if our inner child believes that something is wrong with us due to early abuse or neglect, it is a lot harder to really show up in the world with our full authentic empowered self.


2 Heal pain from past

It is important to offer nurturing words to our inner child to lessen the sting of old wounds.  They are in essence hurt little children trying to deal with their pain on their own.

We can be an unconditionally loving parent who gives them comforting words such as:

-I am so sorry you got hurt.

-You did not deserve to be treated that way.

-That was a really mean thing he did to you.

-That was really scary when Mom screamed at you.

-You deserve kindness and respect.

-I will never hurt you.



3 Fascinating and enlightening process to discover the roots of our suffering

By connecting with our inner child we can find the parts of our self that picked up self-sabotaging beliefs and why they adopted these beliefs. Not only is this fascinating, but it also shows us the exact part of our self that needs love and guidance so we can change these debilitating beliefs at the core level.


4 Effective method to boosting self-esteem and confidence

Painful experiences often subconsciously teach children things like:

-I am not important.

-There is something about me that is not ok.

-I am not lovable.

-I can't get what I want.

We can find these hurt parts and teach them differently. Shower them with praise. The more you can give words of affirmation to yourself, the less you will crave it from others and the more you will be able to receive it.


Maybe your inner child would like to hear something like:

-You are so brave!

-You are so smart!

-I love how creative you are.


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