What do I do now?

Don't we all think that some days?

Why is there so much on my plate.  I don't want half of this stuff.  Well, the angelic view is that everyday  we are faced with a banquet.  A banquet of things emotional physical and even spiritual.  But often we don't see them until we feel overwhelmed. 

So how can theangels help us manage the simple oveload?

Because of the simplictic way they teach us.

Take a single thing and work with it. But what if we still feel stuck and uncomfortable?  Then we ask for help from a guardian angel, a teaching angel or even an Archangel.  They have insight on how to handle things based on a wider view.

How do we know that the Universe, Collective Consciousness or Divine is listening?  Because we have a constantly open doorway to our intuition.  

They can help us with anything we have.     They offer a different way to address the issue.  Sometimes,most critical is to become neutral and allow the thoughts to flow.  They serve us a divine counsel when we allow it.  

Want to experience what it's like to get such advice?  I will be happy to work with you and introduce you to the angels of your council, so they will have a stronger presence in your daily life. The goal is to get you comfortable with their type of information and learn to trust yourself so that choices become practical, joyful and effortless.  They will delight in working with you as you grow into your own strength and clarity.