A Sustainable Kitchen

A Sustainable Kitchen

I love our planet.
Nature is my church, where I feel most at home, most at peace, most inspired and fully in communion with all that is. 

Let’s put it this way: when i don’t know what to watch on Netflix, I put on ‘Planet Earth’ or 'Blue Planet’ or 'South Pacific’ or 'Cosmos’ or any of the other documentary series about nature herself.

It just never gets old!
But appreciating our planet and actually living our life in a way that shows that appreciation are two different things. 
WHAT does it mean to have a sustainable kitchen?
WHY would we want one?
HOW do we implement such a thing?

Let's tackle those 3 questions together. 

1. What does it mean to have a sustainable kitchen?

To me, it means we care about the products and items found in our kitchen. 

Specifically, it means we care about…

- being a steward of the earth

- recognizing the connection between our daily choices and the current state of our planet

- not producing more trash and recycling than is necessary

- reducing the levels of toxicity we expose ourselves and our loved ones to (in our edible food items, our cleaning & self-care products and our cookware) 

2. Why do I want a sustainable kitchen?

I am guessing you want to live as long as you possibly can, and feel as good as you possibly can while you are alive…

Am I right?

If that is the case, there is your answer in the simplest terms. 

“Being healthy” is a lot more involved than whether your celery is organic or not. 

Health is holistic by nature. 
It is defined by our whole state of being- our insides, outsides, emotions & thoughts, as well as our placement along the spectrum of disease and illness. 

Quite simply, if you want to thrive and feel your best as long as possible, and feel in integrity with keeping the planet healthy at the same time, that is why you would want to create a sustainable kitchen. 

3. How do I create a sustainable kitchen?

In a word, mindfully. 

You create sustainability in your home by beginning to examine the behaviors, decisions and actions that make up the contents and state of your kitchen. 

Then, you identify the holes… The areas where, even though you swear you care about the earth, you actually make decisions that would suggest otherwise. 

Some of these decisions might look like:

- using 'Dawn’ or some other suspiciously neon-colored dish soap that is draining into the water table as we speak. 

- continuously forgetting your reusable grocery bags at home or in the car when you go to the store (or not owning any to begin with). 

- buying disposable plastic water bottles. 

- using disposable plastic straws (seen the video about the sea turtle yet? Search it on 'YouTube' to ensure you never use a plastic straw again)

The list goes on, and we could explore this topic infinitely….

But all this is to say that if you feel helpless around the state of the earth, its time to take action!

We all cast a vote with each dollar we spend, and we have the chance to take better care of ourselves and our planet with daily decisions in the kitchen. 

So where to get started?

With the first step, of course!

If you need some ideas on how to clean up your kitchen, reach out for a Creating Clarity Session. Its free, and we can create a plan of action. 

Or, you could pick up a copy of my book 'Eat Here Now’ which has an entire chapter on creating a sustainable kitchen, with lots of ideas, recommendations, and products suggestions. 

Or, come to one of my Mindful Eating workshops in Santa Barbara and chat with me about it. 

And, follow me on IG to see weekly ideas (like Mason Jar Monday) for how to create sustainability in your kitchen!

Keep walking the good road, and thank you for caring!

In adoration of sea turtles and beyond,