Here's a mindfulness tip to help reduce your daily stress. Mindful observation is a simple, yet powerful exercise that connects you with the beauty of your natural environment that can be missed when you're rushing around. First, choose an organic object in your immediate environment such as a flower, a plant, the clouds, the moon, the sky, etc. Then, observe it with curiosity for at least one full minute. Refrain from ascribing your own pre-judgments and previous notions about it, just try to observe it with the purity of a child. Imagine you haven't seen it before and you're observing it with curiosity to allow itself to reveal itself to you. ​ As you visually explore the organic object relax into the experience of observing, gazing at it as if you're seeing it for the first time. Visually explore every aspect of it. Become consumed by its presence. Connect with its energy, its place and purpose in the natural world. It's purpose in your world. Regularly practicing mindful observation supports your ability to live in the Now. I invite you to practice mindful observation at least two times this week and take note of how you feel in doing so. Keep a mindfulness journal jotting down the various mindful experiences you have during your week. After seven days review what you wrote down. I bet you'll be pretty amazed at how you allowed yourself to have mini, sacred mindful experiences that actually enhanced your life.