Redefining Self Care through Radically Rooted Practices

Radically Rooted self-care practices are all about awakening, revitalizing and restoring the health of the brain and body cells, which then leads to a more positive felt experience of being alive through awakening fluid flow of the body. Chronic disease is experienced by 1 in 2 Americans, this is primarily due to the current frozen state of their bodily tissues, which determine the state of their brain and bodily health. The nervous system, which is made up of our cellular intelligence including brain and body cells, is in dire need of being awakened and activated. And since the nervous system lives within the fluids of the body, humans have power to radically restore their health through mindful manual movement with a focused attention of care and compassion for the traumatization it holds within its DNA.


These practices will create ease in the body and awaken the deadened parts through manual movement of the tissues. Self-care is all about bringing a positive resonance into one’s neurological and bodily processes through activating the flow response of the fluid body, which then creates movement and regulation in the neurological body. When we become stressed, our tissues harden. Our bodies armor themselves in hopes of protection from harm and vulnerability. This may have served us well at one stage in our evolution, but now it is feeding our dis-ease and increasing the level of disease in the world.


Roll Model founder Jill Miller, says “self-care is health care”. The more we do caring and nurturing practices for our bodies, the more they heal and restore themselves back to health. Neuroplasticity is the genius intelligence behind this. When our autonomic nervous system experiences the parasympathetic response (relaxation), our cells and DNA are restored. This is what revitalizes and restores our health. Negative life experiences have been proven to negatively impact the structure and health of our DNA. So, why not bring more awareness and attention to the practices that restore your health? This is what is needed for us to evolve in the direction of super heroes, versus to that of zombies. Eek!