Ivett’s Yoga Shala Focus of April

VRKSASANA : “Tree Pose”

“Choose a guiding image that is useful to you, that can speak to you and has knowledge. Choose one that is nourishing to you but also can give you enough of a, shall we say, kick in the rear end to move along.”   -Clarissa Pinkola Estes, The Power of the Crone

For me, Tree Pose represents a powerful guiding image that can help me understand the cycling seasons of life and growth as well as interdependency and a regal generosity that knows how to give of itself in all of its life processes. The lessons of a tree are endless. Some of these lessons take a deep level of maturity to even perceive, let alone understand and integrate. For instance, a tree gives shade and oxygen to everyone without discrimination, even to the people who would chop her down for frivolous reasons or profit. I love to share stories about trees from around the world with my students, stories that speak of the qualities that trees exhibit- stability, radical peace, persistence, service, devotion, compassion, flexibility to adapt amidst the often harsh winds of change, generosity to the point of giving of one’s life to feed the fire that makes life possible for us. In this way, a Tree is the literal embodiment of a Love Supreme. My students are saplings in a troubled and conflicted world. They need the lessons of trees to better understand their own irreplaceable innate Goodness, to embody it, and to give it back to the world joyfully. To stand in Tree Pose is to salute the Grandiosity of these profound Tree Truths of Love and Liberation. Namaste!