Are you including Corrective Exercise?

Corrective Exercise
/kəˈrektiv ˈeksərˌsīz/

Movement that is meant to balance you physically, mentally and emotionally.

And what is the purpose of movement? To pump the body – moving fluid, oxygen, and blood around the organs, glands, and musculoskeletal system.

We can classify two types of movement:

1. Micro-Movement – Movement that happens between organs, vertebras
2. Macro-Movement – Sitting down, walking, traditional “exercise”

There are a few different types of exercise

1. Rehabilitative
2. Performance
3. Energetic

Corrective Exercise can be a combination of all movements/exercises, but the goal of correctives are to optimize your function.

Imagine that you’ve been sitting all day at your desk, preparing to finish up your 8 hour shift in the office. You haven’t eaten since noon, but decide to go to the gym instead of sitting through the 6pm rush hour.

poor posture1

You don’t know what exercises are best, so you join the 6:30pm “Fat Shred” group class…

This is the typical way one goes about exercising, which is why you see people at the gym five times a week, looking exactly the same, getting no results.


Your exercise regime should AT LEAST incorporate movements that

- do not overburden your physiological stress load (exercise is a stress to the body)
- develop structural integrity
- increase energy
- increase awareness for how to use your body (use it or lose it!)

Exercise is a stress to the body, so not everyone has the right to exercise!

“Shredding Fat” is probably one of the last things your body wants to do if there is too much cortisol in the body…


Seek out a qualified Corrective Exercise Specialist that understands the importance of nutrition and lifestyle factors, such as at Full Circle Holistic Fitness. We can go through an appropriate assessment to understand your goals and needs.

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Jaron Hua