3 ways to improve ED you might only hear in THIS doctor’s office – PART 3

3 ways to improve ED you might only hear in THIS doctor’s office – PART 3 (but make sure to check out the last 2 weeks’ blogs to get the full picture!)

Yes I said ED as in “erectile dysfunction” and based on the number of Viagra and Cialis commercial's these days (not just during the Jerry Springer show…we’re talking PRIME TIME) I know I’ve got your attention so let’s get right down to business.

Way #3: practice relaxation/meditation (OR BETTER YET, T’AI CHI CHIH!)

Now I'm sure very few of you are completely surprised that's my third piece of advice (and not just because I know that sometimes I sound like a broken record) but these days you don’t have to be an Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Instructor to know there’s literally GOBS of hard science pointing directly to the relationship between stress and ED.

Basically stress is sort of the Great Satan for all kinds of conditions. For instance stress leads to elevated Cortisol which leads to increased bodyfat which leads to various conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, and obesity (ALL OF WHICH, of course, are not only contributing factors for ED but certainly don’t make for the most active and enjoyable sex life possible, right?)

But now I’m most likely going to blow your mind with another surprising reason why practicing T’ai Chi Chih might just reduce symptoms of ED: in a recent experiment, scientists not only proved that energy meridians in the body really do exist but they’ve also come to realize the entire meridian channel system is actually a crucial part of the cardiovascular system!

I’m sure some of you have heard of energy meridians but I’m equally sure many of you have not so here’s a basic overview. All the most ancient healing traditions (especially those of China, Japan, Tibet, and India) are based on the concept that our vital energy flows along meridians or energy pathways within the body. The main reason to practice Qigong or any of the T’ai Chi practices (one of which is T’ai Chi Chih) is to improve your health by activating, circulating, and balancing your “Chi” or vital energy. And basically the reason why many therapeutic modalities like acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and some traditional yoga practices work is because they tap into the meridians to keep vital energy flowing freely (believe it or not surgeries are routinely performed in China EVEN TODAY in which only acupuncture is used for pain management rather than anesthesia…if that sounds too crazy to be true just ask me for more info!)

So follow me here: if indeed it’s true that our energy meridians are part of the vascular system and if the vascular system is in charge of blood flow to every little corner of the body, doesn’t it stand to reason that anything designed to activate, circulate, and balance the energy running up and down the meridians will also enhance blood flow as well? (Of course this is just my humble opinion but you have to admit my logic is sound!)

Now I imagine this is all beginning to sound very woo woo to some of you…understand that I live and work in a judgment-free zone so if you just can’t stand it another moment feel free to stop reading here.

But for those of you who are still reading, though, let’s look at the stress/ED connection from another angle: the mind is the sexiest organ in the body, right? So let’s say you have a healthy sex life until one day out of the blue something goes wrong. Mostly you’re just surprised and probably say to yourself (and maybe even your partner) “well that was weird.” BUT the next time you and your partner are together you’re probably going to be worried, right? (And that certainly isn’t going to help the situation…when was the last time worrying about something made it easier for you???!!!) SO WHY NOT TRY SOMETHING THAT’S EASY, PAINLESS, HAS ONLY POSITIVE SIDE EFFECTS, AND MAY MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD NOT ONLY IN THE BEDROOM BUT IN ALL KINDS OF WAYS YOU NEVER IMAGINED???

Yes it’s true that T'ai Chi Chih is certainly not THE ONLY way to activate, circulate, and balance the energy flowing through your meridians...it's simply THE EASIEST way (and that's what might make it THE BEST WAY!!!) And remember the only healthy lifestyle adaptation you'll ever stick to is the one you like, right? Well I can truthfully say I've never shown T'ai Chi Chih to anyone who didn't like it! Plus anyone can do it…I've taught folks who were blind, wheelchair bound, had cognitive function issues, seriously impaired balance, or completely non-functioning knees…I’ve even taught kids.

Still have questions? Click here to watch a couple of short videos and all will become clear.

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Written By
Jessica Lewis, CPT, CNC
HCC Lifestyle Coach