5 Reasons Your Health Is Not Improving

5 Reasons Your Health Is Not Improving

You have tried various diets, supplements, and exercises and your health is simply not improving, so what do you do? We know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to get stuck in a roadblock with your health when it feels like you’ve tried almost everything. Not to mention the confusion of all of the health claims in the media. The good news is that there is still hope! By using designed clinical nutrition, we can find out what organs of the body are under stress and causing you to experience pesky symptoms that don’t seem to go away. Here is some insight as to why your health is not improving…

 1. Your nervous system is in a state of confusion

Our nervous system is extremely important when it comes to our health. It’s the body’s regulator, and helps us adapt to the ever-changing environment. Our nervous system has two parts to it: the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system can be thought of like a gas pedal. It helps us adapt to stressors in the environment and is in charge of our day to day living. The parasympathetic nervous system is like the brake pedal. It is in charge of our resting and digesting, and is key for healing to take place. If either of these systems gets jammed, it can cause an imbalance and can lead to poor health. If your nervous system happens to be overburdened or not performing properly, Nutrition Response Testing can help uncover the stressors that are preventing you from healing. 

 2. You don’t know what you should and should not be eating

Each person’s ideal diet is as unique as they are. This is why certain diet trends you see in the media are not always the best route for us to take. Our approach to diet recognizes that it is more about the types of foods and combinations of foods that provide the right nutrients and requirements for your body. It also recognizes that especially at middle age and beyond, weight loss becomes more complex and specific organs need to be addressed to restore metabolism and reverse the process of fat storing to fat burning. After years of eating processed and chemical-laden food, it causes a great number of digestive disturbances, whether our symptoms present themselves as digestive issues or not. This creates immune challenges, which causes us to become overly sensitive to the foods we are eating, which in turn will cause inflammation and a wide set of symptoms. Does it sound like you might be struggling with finding the right information about what you should be eating?

 3. You are taking supplements and/or health advice that is not suited for your body

In the world of nutritional supplements, it’s important to remember that there are good supplements and not-so-good supplements. There are many factors that can determine a good quality supplement, including raw materials, manufacturing processes used and other chemical additives that are sometimes added in. In our office, we only work with high-grade whole food, herbal and homeopathic supplements. Nutraceutical or synthetic supplements can sometimes serve a purpose for a short while but over the long run serve only as a band-aid fix. With the combined use of our testing procedures and whole food nutrition repair at the cellular level, true healing will take place over time.

 4. You have not given your body enough time to heal

Since most people have been dealing with a chronic health condition for years, or sometimes even since childhood, it is unrealistic to expect that our bodies can totally correct in just a short period of time. Symptoms are our body’s last resort to indicate there has been an imbalance for a long time, which is why it is so important to make sure we are correcting the issues at the source. Although symptom improvement is encouraging and can give you the inspiration needed to stay committed, improvement or disappearance of symptoms does not necessarily indicate good health.

 5. You don’t know what you don’t know.

There are certain things that we know we know when it comes to our health, such as certain lab values that come back from our doctor’s office for example, which can tell us if something is off with the body. Then there are some things that we don’t know that we don’t know, such as an exact reason why we may have a particular health issue. What we also may not know is that anything can cause anything in the human body and so when we identify the source of the imbalance in the body we can often heal multiple issues that otherwise seem unrelated- issues you would see multiple different doctors for using mainstream medicine alone. So where do you go from here?

The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself. The innate ability to maintain health and heal disease is always present and expresses itself as much as it is allowed to do so. No treatment or supplement alone ever truly “heals” the body. The body naturally heals itself when it is allowed to do so. With the use of Nutrition Response Testing, our primary focus is to identify anything that can interfere with the body’s natural healing potential and to support its potential by nourishing it with the nutrients needed to optimally do so. In cases where hidden stressors are contributing to health problems, the stressors need to be addressed before optimal healing and recovery can occur. Nutrition Response Testing is a proven, workable way of uncovering such hidden stressors and finding the most effective means of handling them. It allows the practitioner to quickly and accurately find WHERE the problem is, what is CAUSING the problem, and what DIETARY CHANGE or specific SUPPLEMENTATION is needed to handle the problem.