Gummy Vitamins

Gummy Vitamins


What to know about Gummy vitamins vs. Pill form

Gummy vitamins are a great alternative to swallowing a horse pill every morning. They have a pleasant taste , with some added sugar, but not enough to cause concern.

Additionally, since pill vitamins have been around for longer, manufactures have had more time to “perfect” the formula, and pill vitamins do have a longer shelf life.

What to know about vitamins in general

Whether you are choosing gummy or pill vitamins, they are NOT regulated by the FDA, so it’s important to get most of your nutrients through the foods you eat. Vitamins are a great form of “insurance”, but you cannot count on them to supply your body with everything it needs to run properly. Firstly, the percentages written on the vitamin label may be inaccurate and second, your body may or may not absorb all of the vitamins that are in the gummy or pill anyway.

What vitamins I use and recommend

I personally use gummy vitamins. I take them in the morning with water. Since I eat a well balanced diet (typically), I think of them as “back up” . When picking out a vitamin (or any food or supplement for that matter), I go for simple ingredients. In Vitafusion Women’s Gummies there are only 3grams of sugar, Vitamin D and Calcium, plus biotin!



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