How to Optimize Your Child’s Health by Gently Removing Toxins

I have been struck recently by how many women are seeking help for infertility and how many children of “healthy parents” are struggling with poor dental health, anxiety, chronic digestive issues and other complaints that seem unreasonable given their ingestion of healthy food, super foods and supplements.

I keep coming back to the perspective that life is always about balance. Typically the body can remain healthy if it gets proper nutrients and eliminates enough toxins to maintain this balance. Unfortunately, we as a culture are exposed to so many toxins that it is difficult for these young bodies to eliminate the toxins they are exposed to since they are spending so much of their energy growing and developing. Women are also at a disadvantage since we have a smaller liver than men so our ability to detoxify toxins is reduced. Your level of toxicity is directly related to whether or not you are exposed to more toxins than your body can eliminate over a period of time. Ever wonder why some people can eat all the rich food they want and tolerate it and others seem to be super sensitive to many things. In general your ability to remove toxins is dependent on your genetic make-up, your nutritional status, your lifestyle and exposure, history of antibiotic or drug use and your emotional well-being.

One typically begins to experience symptoms of toxicity when your body can’t eliminate toxins as quickly as you accumulate them. These symptoms may begin with something as benign as nasal discharge, occasional headaches, or brain fog and develop into infertility, asthma, or ADD/ADHD.

Your body is constantly working to neutralize and eliminate toxins through various tissues that allow excretions to exit the body. The primary routes of elimination are the liver, intestines, kidneys, urinary bladder, lungs and of course sweating through the skin.

In my practice I have found that people of all ages, at varying levels of physical distress can be helped by supporting these routes of elimination with dilute forms of plants and minerals. These are homeopathic drainage remedies that are formulated in Belgium and have been in use since the l930s. They are an extremely safe and effective method of detoxification at a cellular level so they are great to use with children, women who are trying to get pregnant, pregnant or nursing mothers or individuals who are very sensitive. When the cells release wastes and toxins into the surrounding tissues these drainage remedies ensure that these wastes and toxins are carried by blood and lymph out of cells and tissues to the organs of elimination.

Once an individual’s system is less toxic it is able to move back toward self-regulation and activate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.