Are you going to eat THAT???

Food, we are using it as another way to judge other people, as if we need another reason! These labels placed on ways of eating is out of control! We are all individuals with some of us doing better with more carbohydrates (NOT in the form of processed food) and some of us do better with more protein. We ALL need high quality fats. I start with people in the most basic realm of daily nutrition and we figure out what is working with that human that is sitting in front of me. No labels. Removing foods with labels is another story. Reading ingredients that you have no idea what they are, should be the first clue. Food manufactures rely on you NOT turning the package over and reading the fine print.  It is common sense to realize that chemical names may not be something your body will do well with, especially with the toxic environmental load our bodies already have to deal with. Take control where you can. Food is so beautiful and tasty in its natural form.  If you need a support system to help you with this, let’s connect.