What Are The Differences Between Black Rice and Wild Rice

What Are The Differences Between Black Rice and Wild Rice

Black rice and wild rice are often confused because they are both black.  The do have some similar benefits but they are different in that wild rice is a member of the grass family and black rice is from the rice family (a grain).

Both wild rice and black rice have more nutritional benefits than other rice.


Wild Rice

Wild rice is not rice at all but a member of the grass family.   Wild rice is high in antioxidants, protein, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.  It is low in fat too.

It’s a native long black grain of North America and was traditionally grown “wild” in isolated lake and river bed locations.

Wild rice holds its long shape with cooking and has a nutty texture. It is often mixed with other rice to create blends or mixed as an added ingredient to various dishes such as salads.

Wild rice is also paleo approved.

Benefits of wild rice:

1. Optimizes digestion because of its high fiber content

2. Protects heart -- there's no sodium which helps lower blood pressure.

3. Boosts immunity - includes Vitamin C

4. Improved bone health - phosphorus rich

5. Weight loss - low calorie, gluten free food. Prevents overeating due to its high fiber and nutrient content

6. Aids in reducing signs of aging - includes a high level of antioxidants


Black Rice or Forbidden Rice:

Black rice is from the rice family.   Historically grown in China, black rice is a short grain.   In China, black rice has been known for being good for the kidneys, stomach and liver since ancient times. 

Black rice was first introduced to the United States in the 1990’s.

Black rice offers a very high amount of flavonoid phytonutrients, a good source of important fiber, substantial mineral content including iron and copper, and even a good source of plant based protein. Just the outside hull of the grain has one of the highest levels of anthocyanin antioxidants of any food!

The grain is slightly sweet with a nutty texture and is used more often than not as a rice base meal in many dishes. . It is an easy substitute for white and brown rice in meals.  


Benefits of Black Rice:

1.   High in antioxidants

2.   Protects heart health

3.   Can help detoxify the body

4.   Good source of fiber

5.   Naturally gluten free

6.   Helps slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood

7.   Better at preventing obesity than refined grains


If you are limiting grains in your diet, then Wild Rice would be your better option.