You can’t out-supplement bad nutrition

How many times have you heard your kids say (or heard someone say THEIR kids said) but I don’t like vegetables? And how many times have you heard someone very credible say that a multivitamin is essentially an adequate safety net for poor nutrition?

But did you know that EVERY major world health organization (including THE World Health Organization!) now claims we should be eating 9-13 servings of fresh whole produce EVERY DAY just to MAINTAIN our health?

So here’s the thing: if you’re actually eating 9-13 servings of fresh whole produce every day you’ll also almost certainly be eliminating the need for synthetic vitamin, mineral, fiber, and enzyme supplements entirely! Here’s why: there’s over 10,000 vitamins and minerals IN AN APPLE ALONE…just imagine how many vitamins and minerals you’ll be ingesting if you’re eating 9-13 servings of fresh whole produce every day!!! Now when was the last time you saw a multivitamin with 10,000 ingredients? And who’s to say the ingredients in a multivitamin are the only vitamins you need? And most importantly, anything that’s created in a lab (and there’s no such thing as a multivitamin plant growing out of the ground, right?) creates an acidic environment in your digestive tract and diseases THRIVE in an acid base!

Let’s call a spade a spade: taking a multivitamin is simply NOT the same thing as eating your veggies and unless you’re eating enough veggies every single day you’re playing Russian Roulette with your health!

But I digress…back to your kids claiming they just don’t like veggies. Remember the only thing anyone (especially a kid) will eat is what they like, right? So if you honestly don’t like veggies, how do you LEARN to like them?

Of course, I’d be happy to show you a hundred ways but ONE way is to make them into smoothies! And I don’t just mean boring old strawberry & banana smoothies…we’re talking VEGGIE smoothies that taste GREAT (even by kid standards!)

So don’t miss my next Smoothie 101 (and bring the kids!) You’ll taste tons of YUMMY stuff GUARANTEED to lift your spirits and your energy while learning all about:

  • Which blenders are best?
  • Which veggies and fruits taste best together and why?
  • How the heck do you keep veggies fresh for days in your fridge (including THAT'S a toughie!!!)
  • And which veggies should you always buy organic? (But did you know that some organic veggies are a WASTE of your hard-earned money?)

And if smoothies simply aren’t your thing, then my next Paleo Made Practical workshop is another TASTY option (but both classes will be here before you know it and space is limited…sign up today!)

Jessica Lewis, CPT, CNC

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