How Technology Can Help Me, Help You: Let's Talk Food Logs!

The physical act of writing something down can make you more mindful about your food choices and you might even notice a few pounds weight loss or some extra energy,  just by writing down what you eat.  You may discover more about which foods give you energy and make you feel good and which foods don't. 

Now, with technology, your dietitian can actually see what you're eating through photo food logs.  When I work with clients, I encourage them to use an app called "Healthie".  It connects us and let's me answer questions quickly and actually see what you are eating.  I know that may sound scary to some, but it helps keep us on the same page and it helps me, help you!  My idea of portion sizes at a meal may differ from yours and when we have pictures, it makes it easier to communicate.  Clients see better results when they take a moment to snap a pic and upload into their app. 

What Kind of Feedback Can I Expect From My RD?

Although many people don't like the idea of eating with a dietitian, photo food journaling is the best way for you to get almost immediate feedback.  Positivity is the name of the game, your dietitian is not interested in being your food police.  Your dietitian wants to give you reasonable tips to help you reach your goal and if you can share through pictures you can give your dietitian the information necessary to get your to your goal FASTER!  So, don't be scared!  Whether you choose to grab a pen and notebook OR try out an app, food journaling will help you become more mindful and see actual results - quickly! Food journaling can help pinpoint areas to focus on and help you set small goals to reach your ultimate goal!  What's stopping you?  Start now!