Olive Oil: An Ally Against Bowel Cancer

Olive Oil: An Ally Against Bowel Cancer

Olive oil could protect people against bowel cancer.  A research done using rats proved it.  It is very well known that all fats in the food we eat daily, as well as the fat used to cook them, are very important factors in cancer formation.

However, its progression until it becomes in a malignant disease, is strongly linked with the quantity of fat that has been eaten, and the type of disease it presents.

Research was concentrated on long- chain fatty acids which fueled the rats.  They acted in different ways against a carcinogenic agent, which was inoculated the animals.  19 weeks after the experiment started, the existence of malignancy vectors were analyzed, as well as the quantity of tumors and saturated fatty acid in bowels.

The rats fed with olive oil presented less cancerous tissue proportions and tumors.  Also, as a result, the amount of a chemical combination, named aracinodato in their bodies had been reduced.  This chemical is a part of an inflammatory substance, known as prostaglandin E.  This one, as studies have revealed, stimulates cancer cells formation.

Apart from the encouraging results of this research, olive oil has proved to be a perfect complement in our diet.  For that reason, if you are going to cook any food, to dressing a salad, or if you want to eat any fried food, remember olive oil has excellent properties as a lubricant in our digestive system.  Also, its great benefits for the intestinal flora, and even more: for not containing cholesterol, it is a valuable ally to keep clean the arteries.   With these new studies, we have a possible agent against bowel cancer, making it even more powerful.