Increasing Omega 3 Fats Can Help Anxiety

Increasing Omega 3 Fats Can Help Anxiety

The link between low levels of omega 3 essential fatty acids (e.g. fish oil, sardines…) and people suffering with anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges has been well established.

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A meta-analysis involving more than 2,200 participants from 11 countries suggests treatment with omega-3 fats may help reduce symptoms of anxiety

Daily omega-3 doses of 2,000 mg or more were associated with anti-anxiety effects; researchers suggest the amount of EPA in omega-3 supplements is also a factor in anxiety reduction

Anxiety impacts the lives of some 40 million Americans and 1 in 4 senior citizens is thought to be dependent on anti-anxiety medications

While talk therapy and pharmaceutical medications are the top conventional treatments for anxiety, I highly recommend EFT and other non-drug alternatives as safer, cheaper and more effective treatments

You can easily track your omega-3 levels using the Omega-3 Index test, which is being offered as part of a grassroots movement designed to study the impact of these fatty acids on human health