5 Tips to Stocking Your Pantry like a Nutrition Professional

5 Tips to Stocking Your Pantry like a Nutrition Professional

Information about how to eat clean can be very confusing. Read through these top 5 tips to stocking your pantry like a nutrition professional and learn how to avoid the overwhelm of healthy eating.  

Have you ever tried to eat healthier and struggled with the balance of life & cravings?

Me too, we all have that experience! Even nutritionists will gravitate towards food to satisfy a physical or emotional need. The trick to keeping your diet healthy so you can afford a special treat on occasion is to know your core basics.
In my functional nutrition practice, I explore each client's cravings and what the root cause is. From there, we are able to strategize how they stock their pantry to succeed with healthy eating.
What you need to keep in mind first is that there are many aspects of your life that will impact how successful you are at integrating new eating habits into your routine.

 5 tips to stocking your pantry like a nutrition pro
Here are my 5 tips to stocking your pantry like a nutrition professional:

1. How much effort do you need to put in to succeed?

Every person has different needs when it comes to their health. The first and most important step to starting a diet or new healthy eating habits is to first consider how healthy or unhealthy you are from the beginning.
You won't succeed if you allow too much flexibility in your diet and you have a specific medical need to avoid certain "cheat" ingredients. Restriction does not depend on how much effort you want to put in, it's depends on how much your body can afford to deal with a wide range of ingredients, especially inflammatory ones. 
A good place to start if you want to learn more about your potential nutrient deficiencies, check out my Nutrition Facts Pages here and review the different symptoms associated with each nutrient.

2. Don't pressure yourself to swap out everything in your kitchen.

Start small with one to three ingredients at a time. Every week include 1 new ingredient and build on the previous week for a month. You will have included 4 new, healthy ingredients and should stay consistent with all 4 every week for a second & even third month after that. 

3. Finding nutritional balance is up to you but get help when you are stuck

Sometimes we all need a little help. It isn't always enough to just read an article about 5 tips to stocking your pantry like a nutrition professional.
If your answer to the first question was that you need to put a lot of work in to achieve your health goals, you will save yourself so much time and counterproductive stress when you have the help of a nutrition professional. Keep reading on for exclusive access to more learning opportunities. 

4. Consider your budget.

Don't go to the store and choose 4 expensive health food products. You won't be able to financially sustain a healthy eating regimen if you can't afford to buy 4 products every week. Instead, think about 4, simple, real food ingredients. 

5. Don't overcomplicate your process.

If you don't want to clean or purchase expensive equipment, don't pick recipes that require it. Instead, think about the tools you are most comfortable with that make your life easy. If you prefer to use a crock pot and are intimidated by an instant pot, don't confuse yourself with new gadgets! All you need are your basics. If you are interested in using new tools but don't have the time to commit to using them, then wait until you know you can spend some time practicing.

How to Move Forward With Your Goals:

What reflections do you have about healthy eating now that you have read my 5 tips to stocking your pantry like a nutrition professional? 

It can be hard to know what ingredients fuel your body the most. Eating healthy is not only a balance of time, energy and money. It is also a balance of will, understanding and knowledge. There is so much to learn about the dynamics of healthy eating. If you learned from these tips and want to learn more about maximizing your results, check out the FREE True Balance Pantry Toolkit download!

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