PTSD Can be Gone

PTSD Can be Gone

Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) can defuse and minimize the effects of PTSD.  LENS can assist you in reclaiming your life to become the person you were meant to be. Don't let traumatic events steal one more day of your life. 

When trauma happens, the brain and the being go into survival mode causing anxiety, fear, anger, poor sleep, foggy thinking, and often difficulty doing simple tasks.  Relationships and jobs suffer.  LENS breaks up the knee-jerk, life stealing ruts PTSD etches into your brain and being. 

Viet Nam veterans have overcome the effects of that terrible war 30 years later.  The LENS on the fingertips quiets the sympathetic nervous system eliminating the fight/flight war that hijacks your life.  Head LENS wakes up the parts of the brain knocked out by the trauma. 

LENS releases the stuck patterns so they dissipate and no longer rule your life.  Awareness is increased allowing choice which puts you in the driver's seat.  

Each session is a partnership.  Each treatment is based upon your input and feedback. LENS whispers to your brain, encouraging it to break up the "muscle memory" of trauma. 

Reclaim your life: don't let PTSD have another day.  I would be honored to assist you in your journey.  

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