Tapping Into Your Emotions: Tapping Into Emotions for Health and Joy

Tapping Into Your Emotions: Tapping Into Emotions for Health and Joy

I think that emotions are one of the most beautiful aspects of being human. All too often we allow our emotions to drive us and we can’t really see the scenery because we are trying to stay on the road. What if we learned how to use our emotions to enjoy more of that scenery?

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping, is an easy tool that you can use on your own. Olympic athletes were seen tapping last summer on certain acupressure meridian points to help them with their mental space while competing. There are numerous people sharing Tapping now on the web. I have some extra techniques that can help you use EFT regularly – making it even easier to use in any situation.

Here is a short list to show the variety of ways Tapping can be used:

 - Remove fear of snakes or spiders

 - Desire to keep a clear mental space before a competition or presentation

 - Reinforce intentions to achieve something in business

 - Improve relationships by re-writing the story

 - Alleviate fear of flying or public speaking

 - Transform feelings of being unloved, abandoned, unworthy

 - Reduce anxiety or PTSD around past events

 - Improve physical conditions, including chronic pain

 Essentially, you can use Tapping for anything. I like to think we are “taking out the trash” to make room for our intentional creative health and happiness. There isn’t room if we don’t remove patterns, habits, pain, and beliefs that no longer support our growth.

There are some easy steps to take to navigate our emotions.

 - Identify your emotion – what are you feeling right now?

 - Own and accept whatever you are experiencing – even if it feels like crap!

 - Use Tapping (and more!)  to intentionally work through this emotion and leave your body and mental race track that can keep us feeling stuck.

 - Tap until you find the freedom and an improved sense of well-being.

 - Notice that as you work through emotions regularly, how this frees up your ability to be clear headed and aware in daily life.


Guest post by Angela Clark