The Feileacan Trauma Release Technique

The Feileacan Trauma Release Technique

The Feileacan Trauma Release Technique™ utilizes multiple modalities to release the energy of trauma from the body. The technique combines Reiki, trauma informed practices, mindfulness, guided meditation, the principles of somatic therapy, and additional techniques to empower each individual's healing process and ensure the safety of the patient. The practitioner guides a person to release trauma from the body by connecting with physical imbalance and discomfort, acknowledging intense emotions and limiting beliefs, and retrieving and integrating lost or broken pieces of the soul.

It is a way to safely release the energy of trauma that is stored in the body for anyone the trauma pattern or trauma signature in the body. Sometimes this can be very subtle and sometimes there are clear signs of post-traumatic stress. Things like autoimmunity and inflammatory illnesses, mental health imbalance, substance use disorder, and unresolved or unexplained pain.

I want to take a moment to address a few of the terms that I mentioned in the introductory paragraph and how they related to the Feileacan Trauma Release Technique™. What do we mean by trauma informed practice? It means that as practitioners, we emphasize physical, psychological, and emotional safety. We empower our patients by giving them control over the process. We give them the ability to say yes or no throughout every step of the experience. This builds a sense of trust between the practitioner and the patient. It also helps the patient begin to trust them self because they are validated by the practitioner’s confirmation of what they are feeling. It builds a foundation of safety. When the patient is engaged in the process, they are able to tell you if they feel comfortable with moving on or if they are feeling unsafe. By verbally interacting with the patient and connecting to their energy, the practitioner is able to monitor the breathing patterns and body language of the patient. This serves to ensure that the patient does not have a negative reaction, which could cause them to re-experience their trauma, and it reduces the response time in the event that the patient does begin to have an intense reaction. We are not here to create catharsis or force our patients to face something they are not ready to experience. We are here to create and maintain a safe, calm, comfortable environment for the patient as we guide them through their process. 

This is where Reiki comes in. It is a useful tool for balancing and calming not only the patient but also the practitioner. Reiki is the foundation, the energy that provides loving support for a person while they are working through their memories and beliefs.

So how is the somatic experience part of the Feileacan Trauma Release Technique™? The term Somatic means “Relating to the body.” Somatic Therapy is the study of the relationship between the mind and body in regards to the psychological past. The theory here is that our bodies hold on to past trauma and that trauma symptoms are due to instability in the nervous system. I am simplifying a bit but the basic point is this. Trauma expresses itself in the physical body through pain, discomfort, and illness. We often see this as anxiety, depression, substance use, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, autoimmunity and other inflammatory based disorders, and chronic pain and this list is not all inclusive. The nervous system is holding and responding to the energy of trauma by activating the body’s fight, flight, or freeze response, by flipping the switch and turning on the sympathetic nervous system. When we experience trauma, the sympathetic nervous system can get stuck in the on position, again simplifying here, and when our bodies stay stuck this way it begins to take a toll. Our bodies are telling us what is out of balance and where it is out of balance at. 

With the Feileacan Trauma Release Technique™ we follow discomfort in the body, we let it lead us to place that needs the most assistance and we begin to explore the emotions, beliefs, and memories that are stuck in that place. Think of it like a ball of yarn that is knotted and tangled. As we begin to feel each emotion or belief or experience each memory, we are unwinding that knotted, tangled energy and releasing what the body has been holding on to. When that energy is released it returns to system allowing the body to rest and allowing flow to occur in the system.

What often happens in this process, and this is where the spiritual and energetic components of the Feileacan Trauma Release Technique™ come in, is that we find pieces of the soul that were lost when trauma occurred either by becoming trapped in the memory of what happened or by splitting off completely and finding a safe place to hide. As a practitioner, our work then becomes about helping the patient safely interact with that soul piece and bringing them back into the body. The patient is able to reclaim and integrate an essential piece of themselves. I can’t take the time here to explain in detail how the energy of trauma works but I do have a podcast episode on the Embracing Darkness Podcast that covers this in depth. It is Episode 3. There is a link to is under the videos tab of my website and also on Soundcloud, itunes, and Youtube. I am an equal opportunity podcaster just search for the Embracing Darkness Podcast.

Let me bring this back around and wrap this up. Some people have asked me or expressed that they don’t understand how this process can heal trauma. You can’t take the memories away, you can’t erase the experience. There is no cure for trauma so to speak and I want to say is that I agree with you. This technique isn’t designed to take away the past or erase it, it is designed to release the energy that is stored or stuck in the body so that the patient has the opportunity to rest and reset and come out of the fight or flight response. Instead of trying to take things away, we are giving them something back, giving them tools and freedom from the struggle. Instead of being in a constant state of hypervigilance we can help them have a balanced response to themselves and the world around them.

By using Reiki, mindfulness, and meditation we are able to safely support the patient and guide them through their physical discomfort to their emotions, to their beliefs and sometimes to their memories and lost soul pieces in order to release the energy of trauma.

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