Trauma Calming With Bowenwork

Trauma Calming With Bowenwork

By Neil Hall, Bowenwork® Practitioner

Often trauma problems can lead to poor physical health such as depression, inability to cope and unhealthy behaviors. Mental problems often result from traumatic exposure.

Trauma, especially PTSD (civilian and military) may be stored up in the body in layers, these layers do not usually all release at the same time. There are several principals that are needed to help those who have Trauma problems such as:
• Safety
• Trustworthiness and Transparency
• Peer Support
• Collaboration with survivors, family and friends and other services.
• Empowerment

More information about trauma and how it may affect an individual
To explain first of all how trauma affects the bodies Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
The (ANS) is a subdivision of the Peripheral Nervous System, it controls the activities of the smooth muscle, cardiac muscle and all glands. Its primary function is to maintain internal homeostasis, for example it strives to maintain a normal heartbeat, a constant body temperature, a normal respiratory pattern and more.

To accomplish the above the (ANS) has two divisions, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. These two systems are antagonistic (work to change the other) one slows an action while the other accelerates the action. In times of stress the sympathetic system takes over to prepare for fight or flight. After a crisis the parasympathetic becomes dominate to slow things back to normal. When both divisions of the (ANS) are working properly we can function much better.
Trauma in many if not most situations causes the sympathetic nervous system to dominate and the trauma continues or the thoughts keep the sympathetic nervous system in control and the body does not return to normal because the parasympathetic nervous system is not allowed to slow the stress and allow the body to return to normal.

There is a natural bodywork technique that can often help the (ANS) to balance.
The Bowenwork® Technique is very relaxing and helps the parasympathetic nervous system to begin doing its job so the bodies (ANS) can balance and begin to function normally. The time needed to accomplish results will often depend on the severity of the trauma and often layer upon layer of problems exist especially with PTSD. When the (ANS) normalizes it allows the body to begin to work normally. The (ANS) may balance fairly quickly but the strong hypervigilance may remain for a few more sessions because the body may need to feel safe for a while before it will release the need to be constantly on guard. When (ANS) normalizes other attempts in helping Trauma Victims usually become more effective.

An example is on youtube search for PTSD & KRBC. This man was having migraines and going to the ER once or twice a week. The doctors at Dyess Air Base attributed his problems to PTSD.
For more info. about Bowenwork (325) 676-9227 Ext #2 for Neil Hall or Ext #1 for Lisa Rhodes or e-mail [email protected] We offer a free consultation which allows us to evaluate the situation and for you to better understand the technique so you can make an educated decision.

Group gatherings can be helpful also if it is made of of those who love the Trauma Victim and those he can trust so his confidence in those around him can make him feel safer. The balancing of the (ANS) will help these kinds of gatherings to be more productive.