A Mother Blessing

A Mother Blessing

A Blessingway (Mothers Blessing) is a traditional ceremony celebrating and supporting the mother to be.  Traditionally, a Navajo (Native American) ceremony that celebrates a womans rite of passage into motherhood.  The focus is on the mother, nurturing her, supporting her and loving her as she awaits her little bundle of joy.  It is a time to share stories, show support, give guidance, and to instill confidence and strength.

The Mothers Blessing, is a gathering of family and friends.  A time to spend time together, bonding and helping the mother to be prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the birth of her baby.   It is time for the mother to express and work through fears and concerns; releasing blockages that may be holding her back. 

Just as every mother is unique, so are the Blessing ceremonies.   The ceremony is designed for the mother to be and to meet her individual needs and desires.   In general, guests may bring a dish to share, or may be provided my the mother to be.   There are stories to share and words of wisdom.  Many times, rituals and guided meditations are part of the experience.  

Activities that may be part of the blessing, but not limited to:

A beading of a necklace or bracelet, a belly casting, candle making/ lighting, a cord tying, prayer flags, seed planting, etc.


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